2012: Friday walks, The life force

Sarah’s hands, calm and determined, St Bartholemew’s church in Thurstaston

Early March, Ronnie takes us round this week’s joint walk

Well, this was our first walk together for four weeks. Last week Sarah had a cold, the week before she was jet lagged, and the week before that she was in New Jersey, because her best friend Rachel had just died from metastatic breast cancer.

So we carefully picked our ‘home’ walk for this week. The walk we consider to be ‘the one.’ From which all of our other regular walks flow. The walk we automatically go on in times of need. We went to the Shining Shore.

The last time we went to the Shining Shore was only four weeks ago. Rachel was in hospital but, as ever, we were confident she was coming out. And so, on the walk, we made a film just for her called ‘Miss you.’ To make her laugh. It contained dancing, singing, jokes and, well, it felt like Rach was on the walk with us, looking at us through our cameras.

Rachel never got to see the film, of course. And so, setting out on the same walk four weeks later, we are very conscious that one of us has gone. And also very conscious, as we walk, that in four sad and grief stricken weeks for us, the life force in nature has been doing what it always does, renewing life.

Leucojum, ‘Spring Snowflake’ – like big snowdrops

Periwinkle in a hedgerow

Shaking the pollen from a Yew Tree

In the hedgerows the blossoms are coming

Tiny life, thriving

Life surrounding death

Life delights in life

The Pink Ribbon Blues bench

And we get to the Shining Shore itself and sit where we always sit. On the ‘Pink Ribbon Blues’ bench (where Sarah finished reading Gayle’s book, back in 2010). We drink our tea. And Sarah takes out her chocolate box, to see what we’ve got to choose from. And there, amongst the stuff we actually eat, we find the last four squares we have of the chocolate Rachel sent us. It’s still there in the box.

Finding chocolate from Rachel

Filled with the life force, we walk on

And walking does what it always does. Heals, energises and shows us our places in nature. Two very small beings at one with everyone and everything else. Missing our beloved other being who has died. And rejoicing in the life force that flows on, within us, and without us.

The life force flows on, within us, and without us

12 thoughts on “2012: Friday walks, The life force

  1. Nancy's Point

    This is so incredibly sad and beautiful at the same time, grief mixed with joy. Nature does have a way of healing, energizing and reminding of us of our place. It always humbles me too. The life force indeed flows on within us and without us. Missing Rachel too.

  2. Renn

    The combination of visuals with wording really hits the spot.

    Very satisfying and reflective and honoring and humble.

    Nature is the great equalizer.


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