2012: Friday Walks, On the edge of Liverpool

Ronnie takes us on a very wet walk this week.

Today, most people in Liverpool were very excited about the start of the Sea Odyssey, three days of two giant puppets walking the streets. Somehow we just weren’t, and so set off in the opposite direction from the crowds to go on one of our walks.

The weather earlier in the morning had been good for everyone going to see the giant puppets. But as we got closer to our walk destination, Hale, just off the southern end of Liverpool, the sky grew very dark. And simply opened up.

Sarah in Hale village, beginning the walk. It’s going to be a wet one.

Along the drive to where Hale Hall used to be. Home to the Blackburne family for 300 years. Slavers.

House gone but the ruin of the walled garden remains.

The rain’s not going off is it Sarah?

Down by the edge of the Mersey.

At this point on this walk we usually go down on to the salt marsh for a bit. But that’s out of the question today. We’d sink into the mud.

So along the path and across the bridge we go.

Remember readers, we do this for fun.

At Hale Point the top of the lighthouse gets lost in the rain.

Sarah cheered up by a yellow field of rapeseed.

At which point I ask Sarah why such a lovely plant ended up with such a brutal name. She doesn’t know, but we find out later.

Back through Hale village, and the rain is stopping.

Well, almost.

Past ancient houses.

Stopping for lunch in the park.

After which Sarah gets out her iPhone and we find out about two different Latin roots of the word ‘rape’. First one is from the Latin for ‘turnip’ and is used for rapeseed as it’s in the same cabbage family. And the other is from the Latin ‘to seize’. So now we know.

After lunch we decide a bit more walking needs to be done, especially since the rain has now stopped. So we drive along from the centre of Hale village for a mile or so, too boring to walk, and park the car on Baileys Lane, where Hale borders on to Speke, right on the edge of Liverpool.

And along Baileys Lane we arrive at the end of the runway of John Lennon Airport.

And planes are landing.

Every few minutes.

We walk on and the sun comes out at last.

Now we can see the lighthouse better.

Some rapeseed has escaped to here too, by the bank of the Mersey.

And still the planes descend, just above our heads.

And as with last weeks Friday walk, we end with a short but evocative film  by Sarah. So you can get a feel for how the day sounded as well as looked. In between the planes landing, that is.

2 thoughts on “2012: Friday Walks, On the edge of Liverpool

  1. lindsay53

    Lovely! I was almost there with you! Rain here too. Days of it, spilling down & stopping any outside garden work. Sodden walks with the dogs but on the other hand, very, very full water tanks! Roll on the warm sunshine!


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