On Sunday

Even for us sceptics and atheists Sunday is a quiet day that seems to welcome ritual. The rituals of me walking and Sarah going to the allotment have taken up many Sundays in recent years. But sometimes our rituals are enacted together. Today’s took place in 3 Acts: At Ness; by the Shining Shore; and in Liverpool Cathedral.

Entering Ness Gardens we know what we're in for.

Entering Ness Gardens we know what we’re in for.

What we hadn’t bargained for was that in the shop and café area you go through to get into the gardens a ‘Wedding Fayre’ was taking place. This did not of course detain us, other than to pause for a couple of minutes to listen to a string quartet playing in the corner.

The Sefton Quartet.

The Sefton Quartet.

Out in the Gardens were more snowdrops than I’ve ever seen in one place.DSC05823 DSC05813 DSC05817DSC05786And we stopped to have our lunch on a bench overlooking a field of fully grown ‘Robin Hood’ snowdrops we saw just emerging, a few weeks ago in the snow.DSC05783Sarah rekons some of the snowdrops are showing signs of ‘going over’ now. So if you want to see them this year it’ll need to be soon.

Mind you it’s not all about snowdrops, the gardens are  just about ready for Spring now.DSC05788 DSC05791 DSC05802

Later on, leaving Ness the sun was low in the sky behind us, lighting the landscape brilliantly.DSC05851

And by the time we got to Parkgate, down on the Dee Estuary, it was nearly ready to set.


The Shining Shore at Parkgate.

Driving home through Liverpool Sarah felt the need of ‘a bit of cathedralness.’ Over the years we’ve both come to Liverpool Cathedral often for the peace and reflection it always brings us.

As you may know from elsewhere on here Sarah is an independent funeral celebrant, and tomorrow, Monday, she’s carrying out a funeral ceremony for a family in Anfield Crematorium. So she wanted some quiet time to prepare.DSC04826

And to light a candle.

And to light a candle.

While we were in there quietly walking around we noticed a memorial we hadn’t seen before.DSC05857

Beautifully carved into the wall of the Cathedral, this is for David Sheppard and his wife Grace. He was the Bishop of Liverpool from 1975 to 1997. A wonderful caring man, who loved the city like his own, and was loved back. I met him only once, but consider it amongst the privileges of my life.DSC04829In their later years David and Grace lived in West Kirby, on the Shining Shore.

One of the many wonderful things about this Cathedral is the credit it constantly gives to the people who created it. They are remembered magnificently in the stained glass. But also in little displays here and there of their tools and of them working. On the left of this photograph we see E.G. Hughes (no relation as far as I know) building the Cathedral.DSC04833

And then we’re told that they all had their own individual marks which they’d leave on the stones they carved.DSC05862

Thank you for this day, this place and this peace.DSC04832

8 thoughts on “On Sunday

  1. The Accidental Amazon

    Thank you, Ronnie. Just got home from work to go with you vicariously on your walk. I’m of course completely jealous that you already have snowdrops and irises blooming. We still probably have a good month before those delights burst forth here. The botanical garden photos, with all those snowdrops everywhere, remind me of a lovely place here — down to the quartet and wedding reception! — where they have lots of everything growing in their woodland gardens. Soon, there will be snowdrops there, too, followed by many, many daffodils and their kith and kin, the jonquils and narcissi. I’m looking forward to it. We’ve had, as you well have heard, a rather tough time with hurricanes & snow these past months, here in northeastern U.S. When the flowers finally appear, we’ll all feel like we’ve ‘earned’ them!

    xoxo, Kathi

  2. jbaird

    What a beautiful memorial! Here in northern California the magnolias and flowering plums are just starting their show of pinks and purples. Ah, the promise of spring!

  3. Mandy

    A Sunday like that one would set anyone up for whatever the week ahead might have up it sleeve. The carpet of snowdrops is unbelievable and I wish I had the blue iris blooming in a pot somewhere in my dried up garden. As always the photographs are glorious.


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