On days like these

We’ve been running this business of our’s since 1995. That’s a lot of years of being self-employed. And I’ve said before that occasionally the line between being self-employed and unemployed is a fairly thin one! But mostly we’ve done fine, like now, with a reasonable amount of work and possibilities around. And of course it’s work we love too.

So I don’t often think back to the days of having a job. But I did today, after yesterday’s post about walking around Liverpool in my lunch hours in the early 90s looking for new music. Because I think the only thing I really miss about having a job is the lunch hours.

It’s not that we don’t have lunch. It’s more that one of us gets something ready, we eat it and then get back to whatever we’ve been working on. So there’s no hour of aimless meandering. Which I kind of miss.

So today I went for a meander.On days like these14

I’d had a run early on, then come home and worked. And had forgotten, as I got involved in what I was doing, that there was a spectacularly beautiful early spring day going on outside. Sarah was out working elsewhere all day, so there was no one to say ‘Why don’t you go out for a bit?’ But eventually the strength of the sun shining through our studio window must have penetrated my consciousness, because I decided to have a lunch hour.

So I made sandwiches, packed some water, my camera and a book, and set off, meandering in the sunshine.

So a relatively late lunch. As you can see it’s a quarter past one by the time I’m passing the church here, but I’m my own boss with no flexitime rules to bother me.On days like these02

I turn into Calderstones Park. Where late Winter is giving way to early Spring.On days like these03 On days like these06 On days like these05 On days like these04

And I find one of my ‘other’ studios. I have them dotted around Liverpool. Other places where I come and work sometimes. Because sometimes it’s good to move around and have new thoughts in new places.On days like these08 On days like these09

I could say this place was named after a sense of place, though of course that’s not true. That is my bench, though, in the foreground there. So I do think of here as ‘my’ place.On days like these10 On days like these11

And I could tell you I brought some work with me for after lunch. But I didn’t. It was a proper lunch hour, with time for reading as well as meandering. So I was reading this.

A tremendous polemic about how un-free we really are in an age of apparent freedom. How extreme religious groups, dictators and our financial and legal systems are attacking and censoring our rights to free speech. I highly recommend it.On days like these13


Time passed. An hour or so of reading in the sunshine. Followed by a bit of a walk around.On days like these15 On days like these17 On days like these16


Finding some more snowdrops. Growing through the dieback of last year’s ferns.On days like these18

From now on this border will gradually fill to over-flowing with colour.On days like these19


And on the way out of Calderstones I pass the lovely Mansion House, soon to be occupied and transformed by The Reader Organisation.On days like these07

And on the way home call in at the Library for a new book in case the present ones run out some time tomorrow. The Library’s closed on Thursdays now, you see. Something to do with saving the Economy. Hmm.On days like these20

Then I arrive back here around 3 o’clock. The late, long lunch hour over. And work happily into the evening.

Having a lunch hour (or two) on days like these is a good idea.

Oh and ‘On days like these’ is a wonderful song too.


5 thoughts on “On days like these

  1. Mandy

    What a way to spend lunch break, I agree I kind of miss them too. Such glorious photographs again…..thank you for that feast..


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