Liverpool Housing Trust: Stories of now

If you’ve been following this blog for any amount of time you’ll know that Liverpool and housing and me go back a very long way. To working in Vauxhall and Everton for the City Council in the early 70s, through to supporting the empty homes campaigns of the people in Granby and the Welsh Streets more recently.

It's the late 70s. And at LHT we've just bought one of these new fangled 'mini-computers.'

It’s the late 70s. And at LHT we’ve just bought one of these new fangled ‘mini-computers.’

And then from the mid-seventies to the mid-nineties there was of course Liverpool Housing Trust. The glorious campaign I talked my way into as a volunteer and ended up working in for twenty years. It didn’t stay a campaign for all that time of course, but every now and then in later years as we’ve gone and done some work with them I’ve soon found myself slipping back into saying ‘we’ and meaning ‘LHT.’ In all the ups and downs of all the years it’s part of me, and that’s that.

In 2005, after a decade apart, we worked with them on ‘The Story of LHT’ to mark 40 years since their founding in the ‘Cathy Come Home’ and early Shelter days.

And just recently we’ve been working with some of the people now running LHT (hello Jo and Andrew), to celebrate the achievements of modern day tenants in Liverpool and Runcorn. Travelling around to peoples’ homes and helping to tell their stories in a series of (very) short films, which you can see here. And then making this slightly longer film at the LHT Tenants’ Awards event they all came to a couple of weeks ago.

Young people and older people, telling stories. It’s what we love best.

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