Winter Solstice on the Allotment

Allotments are our compensation in the working classes of Britain for all of our common land being enclosed by the thieving aristocracy, a fact which you’ll know continues to enrage me if you’ve been around this blog for a while.

Well I check carefully and there are no aristocrats at Greenbank Lane Allotments today. In fact there is hardly anybody here as we get ready to celebrate the Winter Solstice with some friends.

One of a family of robins, who live in Sarah's dogwood hedge, came to see what we were doing.

One of a family of robins, who live in Sarah’s beech hedge, comes to see what we were doing.

Around the site the plots are looking splendid in the mid-day sunshine.Solstice15 Solstice02 Solstice03 Solstice04 Solstice05 Solstice06 Solstice07 Solstice08 Solstice09

Such a profound sense of place.

Such a profound sense of place.

Solstice11 Solstice12 Solstice13 Solstice14

While at Plot 44 we prepare for the arrival of our guests.


Solstice17 Solstice18 Solstice19 Solstice20 Solstice21 Solstice22 Solstice23 Solstice24 Solstice25

There will be a fire and there will be food.


And still, one of robins keeps joining in.

And still, one of the robins keeps joining in.

Then, when the guests arrive, the youngest of them helps Sarah to light the fire and get the food going.

Solstice29Solstice30Solstice31Later there is mulled wine and a Yule log.

The light fades, the fire brightens and the shortest day becomes the longest night.

Good wishes to you all this Solstice Night.

2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice on the Allotment

  1. lindsay53

    Turned the corner now as the days begin to lengthen. Love these rituals of the seasons. Special points in the year to mark the passing of time & the cycle of life. Thanks for helping us remember them, Ronnie.


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