Independent Liverpool

Here is your first guide to 2014. Photographs, in more or less the order they were taken, of Independent Liverpool. Cafés, shops, artists, musicians, pubs, streets, bakeries, restaurants, enterprises, wine bars, street markets and even supermarkets. Every last one of them, though, an independent. So a celebration of what makes Liverpool (and Wirral) so special. Along with us lot, the people of Liverpool, these are the life-blood of the place.

Mind you, because they’re independent they’ll mostly be off today, New Year’s Day, just like you probably are. Not driven to service the endless greed of the corporate shareholders. But the rest of the year these are just some of the Liverpool Independents who make our place so special. And remember, the money you spend with all of these stays here.

Independent Liverpool. Idea of the Year, 2013.

Specially big thanks to Independent Liverpool  for all your work promoting Liverpool’s independent sector in the past year.

And I’m not going to do titles and directions to them all. If you’re from Liverpool or Wirral you’ll probably know where most of them are. If you don’t, just ask me.

Independent02 Independent03

Independent04 Independent05 Independent06 Independent07 Independent08 Independent09 Independent10 Independent11 Independent12 Independent13 Independent14 Independent15 Independent16 Independent17 Independent18 Independent19 Independent20 Independent21 Independent22 Independent23 Independent24 Independent25 Independent26 Independent27 Independent29 Independent30 Independent31 Independent32 Independent33 Independent34 Independent35 Independent36 Independent37 Independent38 Independent39 Independent40 Independent42 Independent43 Independent44 Independent45 Independent46 Independent47 Independent48 Independent49 Independent50 Independent51 Independent52 Independent53 Independent54 Independent55 Independent56 Independent57 Independent59 Independent60

And of course the title of this post is a clear reference to the idea of the  year – the Independent Liverpool Card. Not just a discount card, but also a celebration and a campaign. So we don’t become an anywhere town of carbon copy cut-and-paste corporate chains.

Well done David Williams and Oliver Press, Independent Liverpool.

Well done David Williams and Oliver Press, Independent Liverpool.

Idea of the Year, 2013.

Idea of the Year, 2013.

By the way, not all of the places pictured are covered by the Independent Liverpool Card, or not yet anyway!

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