In 1637 in Holland a single tulip bulb was briefly worth more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled worker. Indeed for a long time the volatile rise and fall of the Dutch tulip market was held up as an example of the first economic bubble, where fortunes were made and lost in an illogical craze, similar to the sub-prime mortgage fiasco of recent days which our governments are still using, to beat us over the heads with their austerity sticks.

Semper Augustus. Top tulip of 1637.
Semper Augustus. Top tulip of 1637.

Nowadays the madness and greed of your average banker and hedge fund swindler make the activities of the elite of Holland back then look like a squabble in a kindergarten. What’s not in dispute though is the beauty of the thing they were fighting and speculating about. As Sarah and I saw today on her allotment here in Liverpool.

It’s late April and the tulips are out. Let’s have a look around.

A beauty beyond money.
A beauty beyond money.
And beyond words.
And beyond words.

Let’s just look. All these glorious things I’m about to show you are different sorts of tulips, evolved from the little Turkish bulbs and wild flowers that caused such a fuss in 17th century Holland.

Tulip Mania03 Tulip Mania04 Tulip Mania05 Tulip Mania06 Tulip Mania07 Tulip Mania08 Tulip Mania09 Tulip Mania10 Tulip Mania11 Tulip Mania12 Tulip Mania13 Tulip Mania14 Tulip Mania15 Tulip Mania16 Tulip Mania17 Tulip Mania18 Tulip Mania19 Tulip Mania20 Tulip Mania21 Tulip Mania22 Tulip Mania23 Tulip Mania24 Tulip Mania25

Beautiful things. And in amongst them on Plot 44 Sarah has planted two examples of Species Tulip. The very wild flowers first brought into Western Europe from Turkey. Both much smaller than their developed cousins.

Down at the Far End, the first of Sarah's Species Tulips 'Turkestanica'
Down at the Far End, the first of Sarah’s Species Tulips ‘Turkestanica’
Tiny Turkestanica in bloom.
Tiny Turkestanica in bloom.

Tulip Mania28 Tulip Mania29Then up near the shed is Sarah’s second Species Tulip.

Red Riding.
Red Riding.

Actually Sarah thinks it might be called ‘Red Riding Hood.’ But as a fan of the writer David Peace I’m renaming it after his Red Riding Quartet.

Tulip Mania32 Tulip Mania33 Tulip Mania34 Tulip Mania35 Tulip Mania36Even as they finish these little jewels of Sarah’s garden are beautiful beyond economics, beyond greed, beyond speculation, beyond words.

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  1. So very beautiful. Sarah is a talented plantswoman.
    What a joy to see those exquisite flowers.

  2. I used to grow the miniatures…living in a wind tunnel the larger varieties were ruined in a few gusts….and they were a delight to see. Sarah’s brought it all back to me. Thank you.

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