Of Time and the City

Of time and the cityThis coming Tuesday I’ve been invited over to Leeds to introduce a screening of the Terence Davies Liverpool documentary ‘Of Time and the City.’ It’s part of a series of screenings called ‘City Series Leeds.’ Showing city-based films and then discussing  what might be learned from them to make Leeds a better city.

I’ll be talking a bit about Liverpool before the film and then taking part in a question and answer session with everyone else there afterwards.

So as part of preparing my own thoughts and to answer the obvious question people from Leeds might be asking – ‘Why have they asked him? – I thought I’d do this short post. Gathering together links to others of my posts that might be particularly relevant for Tuesday’s discussions, both in the Hyde Park Picture House, where the film will be shown, and of course in the pub after that.

There are around 360 posts on here now from the past two years. And though the vast majority of them concern Liverpool in some way, here are the ones particularly about the city, its architecture and its people.

First, for a good look at how the inner city is doing right now, these 2 posts about a walk and a bus ride round the city last Saturday:

Great bus journeys of the world: the 27
More scenes from the 27 bus


Looking at how the city got to be the shape it is and my own involvement/responsibility for that:
Housing in Liverpool and me
Housing in Liverpool and me:1975/81
Lost and Found

1960s postmark. 'Liverpool, City of change and challenge'
1960s postmark. ‘Liverpool, City of change and challenge’

Urban walking. Understanding a place by walking around it:
Walking home from Norris Green
The Road Home
The South Docks
The North Docks
Inspecting Liverpool, part one
Inspecting Liverpool, part two

High quality municipal housing.
High quality municipal housing.

Liverpool 8, a particular passion:
Working with Granby residents
Granby 4 Streets – at last
Liverpool 8 from the air


Helping people get involved in designing their own places:
Places by Design


Remodelling the city centre:
The Paradise Projectparadise02

And finally, two Leeds residents come to Liverpool:
From Leeds to Liverpool 8

Yes, it's Rob and Frank Greenland.
Yes, it’s Rob and Frank Greenland.

I could of course go on. And you can too, if you want. Scroll through ‘All blog posts’ above. Or enter things like ‘Architecture’ ‘Empty Homes’ or ‘Housing’ into the search box on the right.

See you on Tuesday?

wpid-storageemulated0DownloadHyde-Park-21-2.jpg-500x333‘Of Time and the City’ is on at Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds. At 6:00pm this coming Tuesday, 27th May. Presented as part of the Screening Cities series in conjunction with the Culture Vulture and RIBA – Leeds Society of Architects.








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  1. I just wanted to say that I’ve recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading about Liverpool and all it’s treasures. I have always wanted to explore the city and take lots of pictures. I hope to have the time to do the same one day.

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