What are you doing on Tuesday evening?

Ev flyerAfter two and a half years of writing steadily on life, Liverpool and anything else that interests me, I’ve decided to take the blog, in a gentle sort of way, out into the public arena. So this will be the first in what I’d see as a series of regular gatherings. Where the readers and the writer of the blog can get together for actual conversations. About things I’ve written and life and Liverpool in general.

I’ll pick us a subject each time, from a recent blog post, to get us going. Then we’ll see where the conversation takes us. A feature and a joy from writing the blog has been the quality of contributions from its readers on the blog itself and on Twitter. So let’s see what we can come up with when we’re all sat round a couple of tables down in The Bistro.

The starting subject for this time is the recent blog post “A year to live: 10 things I’ve learned”. And more details of the why, wherefores and hows of this Tuesday’s event can be found here.

So I hope you’ll be able to make it. This evening, Tuesday, from 6:00 onwards, Everyman Bistro, Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BH. See you there.

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