Granby 4 Streets: The Christmas Street Market

And the day was brilliant, best ever. Words and pictures here.


There have been Christmas Street Markets in Granby for the last few years as we’ve all been working on pulling a future together for these last four original streets. But this year’s will be particularly special. And you’re invited.This year the houses are on site and the future is quite literally arriving – brick by brick. Which is the wonderful thing everyone’s been working on for so long. Soon new people will be moving in to make their new homes in the long empty houses and the Four Streets will come fully alive again. As we’ve long dreamed of and long wanted. Welcome all and welcome in.

But of course it also means this will be the last time the relatively few people actually living in the Four Streets have the whole of the place to play with. By next April when the Street Markets resume they will be happening in a very different place.

So is this the last one? No we certainly don’t think so. We think the Street Market is a big part of what makes Granby so special, so we’re hoping a lot of the new people will think so too.


But this one is definitely special and marks a significant turning point in the Story of the 4 Streets. A whole partnership of organisations is now on site and creating a future we severely doubted would happen so many times over these last few years, never mind the last twenty.


So do come and celebrate all this with us. Experience with us these moments of rebirth as these last four original streets of Granby get the future they have so long deserved. Though we’ve known all this was happening since the Granby 4 Street Community Land Trust’s launch last month, Oliver Wainwright’s article about it all in The Guardian last week has somehow made it all feel nationally celebrated and official. Being in the news for a good reason is no bad thing.

So it’s time to party. And what can you expect?

  • Lots of stalls selling arts, crafts, homemade cards and jewellery and gifts
  • Homemade bread and cakes
  • A halal Christmas dinner
  • Roast chestnuts
  • Theresa’s legendary mulled wine
  • Live music from John Head of Shack, Mick Hurst, the drums of Beatlife, Tom George and many others.
  • Bike repairs from Dr Bike
  • Quality Arts and Crafts and bric-a-brac
  • And we’ll all be there!

So come for the party, come for the market, come if you want to learn more about the Community Land Trust and living here, come if you’re interested in the history and future of Liverpool, come if you’d like to see what it’s possible for a community to achieve with wisdom, patience and determination.


Granby 4 Streets Market – of the people, by the people, for the people.Granby 4 Streets Christmas Market. From 10am to 3pm this Saturday, December 6th in Cairns Street, Liverpool 8.

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