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  1. More stunning photography, Ronnie. Are the skies always so amazing in Liverpool? I always enjoyed bus riding, and public transport in general. It led to my railway career where I met my wife before I went full time as a painter.


    1. Yes Mitch the skies are always like this in Liverpool! Aren’t they in Indiana?

      Well actually no. Being beside an ocean there are some days when the sky barely makes an appearance. But with the low winter sun and a fresh wind clearing the rain clouds, today was a top performance. Seen well from the top of a bus!

      1. From the cornyards here in Indiana where the temperature is now 7 degrees F, the sky is quite clear. There are days in the spring during our yearly event known as “Tornado Season” when the skies are spectacular but we’re too frightened to have a good look. When it’s happening to the east of us it can be quite picturesque. Lots of cumulus clouds in the summer however we don’t often get that evocative contrast that I’ve seen in a number of photos from Liverpool.


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