And now let us vote in peace

Now, in the springtime of the year, when everything is fresh and possible, we all have a decision to makeVoting 2 - 1Today is the day we all vote for our future.
Voting - 1So, after all the threats, lies, cajoling, wailing, shreiking and fear-mongering, and that was just from the last couple of day’s papers, we now approach the moment of perfect peace. The moment whole generations before us fought for, were imprisoned for and even died for.7d9df76f4677a819c8bb1c56b772fc03.jpg

The moment each of us stands with a pencil and a form in a litttle polling booth and decides who we’ll vote for. A moment of perfect dignity where no one is allowed in to shout, lie, wail or shriek at us. A moment of sacred privacy but immense power. The democratic moment that is our right and also our responsibility. One of the relatively small collection of moments from each of our lives when we collectively run our country. Our beloved country.

Our views differ, that is the strength and beauty of a democracy. And for this General Election, for the first time in my life, I’ve had this public place to talk about what my views are. But I will talk no more until after the voting is done. Because we all now deserve peace, the peace to think and be sure. To exercise our right, quietly and unhindered and with all of our wisdom.

So I wish us all peace, each and every one of us. As we walk around to our local polling stations today. As we exercise our deepest human right. The right to vote.British Politics - Elections - General Election  - London - 1929

Democratic right now exercised.
Democratic right now exercised.

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