Street of the Year? Cairns Street in Granby.

Granby resident Hazel Tilley being interviewd about the Street of the Year nomination by Jessica Robbins of BBC Radio Merseyside.
Granby resident Hazel Tilley being interviewd about the Street of the Year nomination by Jessica Robbins of BBC Radio Merseyside.

Good news today in this press release issued jointly by Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust and Liverpool City Council

Cairns Street in Granby, this week.
Cairns Street in Granby, this week.

Coming soon after Granby 4 Streets architects Assemble being nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize for their work in Granby is the news that one of the 4 Streets, Cairns Street, has now been nominated as one of the streets up for the ‘Street of the Year’ award.

This award is given by the Academy of Urbanism, covering the UK and Ireland and award nominations are made by members of the Academy, not by representatives of the streets themselves. Awards given cover places, neighbourhoods and towns as well as the one for individual streets.

Cairns Street resident Hazel Tilley, part of the Community Land Trust currently working with other partners in the City to renovate the 150 formerly empty houses in the four remaining original Granby streets says:

‘I’m delighted that Cairns Street has been nominated for this, which is not to take anything away from the good work being done in the other three Granby streets. But if this recognition helps with what we’re all trying to do here, and I think it will, then I’m all for it.’

Liverpool City Council Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ann O’Byrne, a long time supporter of Granby Four Streets, says:

‘This nomination is yet more confirmation that people across the country are noticing that something very special is happening in Liverpool in the Four Streets, led as much by the people of these streets as anyone else. They’ve both suggested and helped to knit together the partnership of organisations, including the City Council, currently at work on turning Granby into one of the most exciting places to live in the whole City.’ 

Street Market in Cairns Street.
Street Market in Cairns Street.

The Academy of Urbanism in their nomination of Cairns Street said:

‘After several years of negotiations and canny political footwork the street has not just been saved from large-scale demolition, but is in the process of being refurbished by a range of organisations.


When complete, the hope is that all of this comes together to make a street that is welcoming and attractive to all – full of greenery, creativity, and regular street markets. Showing what is possible when passionate residents are able to implement their aspirations for their street.’ 

Organisations working in Granby 4 Streets with Liverpool City Council include Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust, Steinbeck Studio, Terrace 21 Co-op, Plus Dane, Liverpool Mutual Homes plus several private individuals investing in their own homes having purchased them for £1 under the council’s Homes for a Pound pilot programme. More information at Granby 4 Streets CLT website and of course on here.

The Street Market.
The Street Market.

Further information on the Urbanism Awards 2016 and other places nominated here.

Contacts for further information:
Ronnie Hughes of Granby 4 Streets CLT – 07989 416545,
Paul Johnston, Communications Officer at Liverpool City Council – 07740 918615

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