Granby 4 Streets – Open to the Future

This was another of our many big days now. First 5 Community Land Trust Houses  finished and open.DSC07461

And here are some of us who’ve helped this to happen: Joe Halligan, architect from Assemble, Tracey Gore of Steve Biko Housing, Lorna Mackie of the Nationwide Foundation, Eleanor Lee of Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust, Councillor Ann O’Byrne – Deputy Mayor of Liverpool – and me, also of the CLT.

To come and see us in Granby.
In Granby 4 Streets

At our Open Day on Monday 21st September.Open day

In Cairns Street, Liverpool 8.
In Cairns Street, Liverpool 8.
Working hard all this year.
Where we’ve been working hard all this year.

Us, the Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust, and our partner organisations.

To turn long empty...
To turn more than a hundred long empty…
But basically sound...
But basically sound…
Terraced houses...
Terraced houses…
Back into homes.
Back into homes.

And now the first five Community Land Trust homes are done and we’re starting on the next five. So come and talk to us and have a look round.

At what we've done.
At what we’ve done.

Open Day - 10 Open Day - 11 Open Day - 12 Open Day - 13 Open Day - 14 Open Day - 15 Open Day - 16 Open Day - 17Lots of the special features made by Turner Prize nominated architects and artists Assemble.

Here in their Granby Workshop.
Here in their Granby Workshop.
11 'til 6 on Monday 21st September.
Home at last.

DSC07452 DSC07456 DSC07466 DSC07468 DSC07473 DSC07479 DSC07484

A great day in Granby.
A great day in Granby.

Big thanks to all the people who helped us get to this point, Nationwide Foundation, Liverpool City Council, National Community Land Trust Network, Assemble, Liverpool Mutual Homes, Terrace 21, Plus Dane and of course the people of Liverpool 8 and the builders and everyone else involved with the Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust. Thank you.


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  1. How Wonderful Ronnie, It makes my Heart Swell just reading about your Warrior Efforts. I left my childhood Home, Number 10 Ducie Street, back in 1968, to Emigrate with my Widowed Mum and baby Sister, to Australia for a New Life. I have Such Dear Memories growing up there from 1959 to 1968. Thank you for All you have done to Restore those Once Cherished Buildings. If you happen to read this, could you tell me the Species of the Lovely, Knobbly Trees planted along our Streets? No-one I have asked seems to know. Cheers Cassie in OZ

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