For the Beauty of the Leaves

DSC07929Feeling mildly down for no particualr reason, perhaps the darkening of the year or perhaps not, I decided to take a day completely off from working. It’s a privilege of being self-employed. The work will still get done, just not today. Today I walked around Liverpool. For the comfort and joy that always gives me, and for the beauty of the leaves.

I began by walking through The Mystery.DSC07930 DSC07934Then across Smithdown where the Ullet Roadworks are still going.DSC07935Along then into Greenbank Park.DSC07938 DSC07939 DSC07941 DSC07942 DSC07946 DSC07950 DSC07952The joy of focussing on all this autumn as I walk along is I’m not focussing on me. I’m looking for the angle of the sun that best lights up the leaves. The combinations of colours that lighten my heart.

I walk along Greenbank Lane.DSC07954And cross into Sefton Park.

As I lift and focus and take I think on one of these photographs I might actually capture a leaf falling. I don’t.DSC07955 DSC07959Instead I stop for a while and look at the beauty of this one fallen leaf.DSC07962I walk on.DSC07963 DSC07965 DSC07964Through the gentle autumn leaves the summer bandstand is quiet now. Mere weeks after the Liverpool International Music Festival the summer seems long gone and it’s one of those crossing over times of the year when you’re not sure what to wear. All day my too warm as it turns out fleece is on and off, as a t-shirt turns out to be mostly just about ok still.DSC07969

I’m not the only one confused either. Some springtime crocuses have emerged.DSC07973DSC07975DSC07977DSC07978Or at least I think these are crocuses. Have to check with Sarah when she gets home.

Which I duly do, being told that these are Autumn Crocuses, Colchium Autumnale. Much, much more about them here.

I walk on past the fountain.DSC07979I stop here for one of several reads during the day. Reading about music and so sitting here with songs in my head.DSC07980DSC07981DSC07982DSC07983DSC07985Time to leave Sefton Park now and go for some lunch.DSC07989DSC07994I have my lunch in Onion on Aigburth Road. Peacefully reading while I eat. In the background two voices at a neighbouring table are arguing passionately about The Beatles. Not about whether they were great or not, that’s accepted. But about ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and exactly how did they do it? I love that this happens, on a Monday in a café in Liverpool, nearly 50 years after the song was recorded.

Afterwards I cross over to Alexandra Drive.DSC07998 DSC08001Then walk into Princes Park.DSC08004Maybe it’s the afternoon light but I’m noticing fruit and berries now, which I didn’t this morning.DSC08009DSC08008DSC08007Here in Princes Park, in the middle of the autumn afternoon, I sit for a good long read and finish my book. It’s by a friend of mine, about a friend of his.DSC08010I went to school with Paul Du Noyer, infants school. Junior school and senior school too for that matter. So we’ve known each other since several years before ‘Tomorrow Never Knows.’ I don’t see him much these days but I like to read his books. And this is a very good one. A well organised meander through many years of their conversations and memories. Fascinating too for me to be a shadow passing through the book, nearly visible at times, if only to me. On the school bus dreaming of being older and what we might do. At the teenage party in my first girlfriend’s flat in L8, the flat that had been Brian Epstein’s and John and Cynthia’s. Together at the Empire in 1973 the first time Wings played in Liverpool, ‘Red Rose Speedway’ just out. King’s Dock in 1989 the first time he sang some of John’s songs. And so much else.

Good to spend time with friends on such a day. Well done Paul, both of you.

Book finished I leave Princes Park.DSC08014 DSC08015DSC08018And cross over to Granby 4 Streets. Building works of the day quietening down in the late autumn afternoon.DSC08022DSC08027DSC08028DSC08029DSC08030DSC08032All well here then. Time to go home. After a peaceful day studying the beauty of the leaves.DSC08033

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  1. Beautifully captured, Ronnie, the shades and feel of autumn. On days when you feel down and disgruntled, nature has a way of lifting your spirits and taking you under her wing and saying that these moments will pass. You just have to look out on the wonder of each season to put problems into perspective and to be eternally grateful that you/we are able to get out and enjoy it.

  2. So many familiar names, but I had to look some of them up to remind me. The parks are beautiful and you really captured the season. I felt quite nostalgic, I could almost taste the cheesecake from Dafna’s factory, even though I could never afford them.

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