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On Thursday and Friday this week I’ll be helping out at two events aimed at being the LaunchPad for new and enterprising ideas for North Liverpool.Me and North Liverpool go back a long way. In fact I was born here.

Here in Diana Street Walton, next to Goodison Park.
Here in Diana Street Walton, next to Goodison Park.
In fact here I am, in Diana Street, some time in the 1950s.
In fact here I am, in Diana Street, some time in the 1950s.

So I’m more than mildly pleased to be doing some work this week that will result in £300,000 being invested in new projects that will do good things in North Liverpool.

Not that there aren’t already good things going on.

Obviously there's Homebaked in Anfield.
Obviously there’s Homebaked in Anfield.

I’m proud to be a member of the Community Land Trust here, designing possible new shops and housing along from the Homebaked Community Bakery.

And If you’ve been around this blog much this year you’ll know all about the Real Junk Food Project in Everton.

The Real Junk Food Team.
The Real Junk Food Team.

So these and many other good things are already happening. But there’s room for plenty more:

  • Making use of the vacant spaces and empty buildings
  • And all the people ready and willing to do things
  • Making and manufacturing our own futures
  • In real live social networks
  • Making our money work for us more intelligently
  • And taking particular advantage of spaces and opportunities down around the docks

The £300,000 I mentioned earlier is from money raised in North Liverpool anyway, from a community car park by Liverpool FCs ground, together with matched funding that’s been raised. And the idea is that this will be used in chunks of up to £30,000 each for the best ideas generated and developed over the next few months, beginning this week at events organised by the Beautiful Ideas Company. See their website for the full details of the programme and how to enter.

And I’m glad to say I’ll be helping out at this week’s events.

Friday’s where we’ll begin building the ideas with local people and everyone interested in making it all work. A day of sharing experiences and knowledge of North Liverpool and creating brilliant, maybe even beautiful, ideas of what could work and help to do all the things listed above.

And here’s another list to give you an idea of what the Beautiful Ideas Company will be looking for in the ideas and plans we create:

  • That they will have a clear and positive social impact on North Liverpool
  • The potential to be sustainable well after this initial funding if they’re successful
  • Would be ready to get going after a 12 week development programme beginning from February
  • That everyone involved in the ideas are prepared to collaborate outside their own organisation and with local people. There is no room for secrecy in any of this.
  • And, obviously, that people are passionate about making their ideas happen. We’re approaching all this creatively and collaboratively but with a serious determination to make this money and all of the ideas work.

So if you’re from North Liverpool or passionate about North Liverpool please do come on Thursday evening, Friday or both. It’s not necessary to come with an idea, we can make them up together.  Just bring your love, passion and determination for North Liverpool to thrive –  and we’ll get going.

See you then?

Book for the official launch at Isla Gladstone here
Book for Friday’s LaunchPad event at the Sandon here

There are also 3 other intro sessions during the day on Thursday, Bookings at these links:
At Isla Gladstone in the morning
At The Invisible Wind Factory, Kazimier’s new space, at lunch time – free lunch included
And at Baltic Social in the afternoon

The Beautiful Ideas Company are a Community Interest Company set up with the support of Liverpool City Council.

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