Turner Prize: It’s art for the people

In which Hazel Tilley of Granby 4 Streets and the entire City of Liverpool gets the last word.

As you may know by now. We've won the Turner Prize.
As you may know by now. We’ve won the Turner Prize.

So I’d say we definitely are art.


“It’s recognising the politics in art, it’s recognising the humanity in art. It’s not this piece of work of art that goes into some rich person’s warehouse, this is something that you live with. And it’s art for the people. And if art isn’t about people and humanity, then what is it about?”

As we got closer to the announcement of who’s won this year’s Turner Prize media interest in what us lot in Granby 4 Streets are doing once again increased.

Last Thursday 3rd December, Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust were featured on BBC Newsnight in a short film by Josh Sykes which contains Lewis Jones from Turner nominated architects Assemble and Paula Frew from Granby Workshop, talking about the work they’re doing with us, Paula even demonstrating how their fired door knobs get made.

The film then explores whether this work is art at all. Mark Hudson from the Daily Telegraph contending that if it is then B+Q might as well be nominated for the Turner Prize. At which point our Hazel, Granby resident of 25 years standing and CLT Board member, steps forward and says what she says:

“It’s art for the people. And if art isn’t about people and humanity, then what is it about?”

Well said Hazel, well done Josh it was a pleasure having you here.

Here’s the film.

Well done too Nasra Elliott, Four Streets CLT tenant, and Baby Dolls Hair & Beauty of Granby Street, also in the film.

The announcement of the Turner Prize winner was made on Monday evening, 7th December, from 7:30pm at the Tramway in Glasgow and live on Channel 4 News and Assemble and all of us won. Hazel Tilley, Tracey Gore and Joe Farrag from the Granby 4 Streets Community Land Trust were there with Assemble and our young people from Granby Workshop. The rest of us were all together at the Small Cinema in Victoria Street in Liverpool. Just waiting. And the phorograph at the top says it all.

More from me tomorrow when we all gather in the Four Streets as ever. tonight we are so happy in Granby, even I have run out of words.

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  1. Well said Hazel, superb ending……..I posted this on Fb prior to reading your usual boss blog Ronnie .. .. “What is the actual mission of culture”..this was put to the Senegalese historian Cheikh Anta Diop (1923-1986) who claimed that all cultures have a two-fold mission: “Survival and creativity. Man (sic) must create to survive. To create he must ensure his survival. Collective historical consciousness is one of man’s chief means of survival and a source of creation. Destroy or stifle it and the chances for the survival of a people become questionable….

  2. Wonderful! Wonderful! I am so thrilled for you all. Makes the Turner Prize really worth something in its practical application of art. Enjoy this new chapter all of you… You deserve it!!

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