I wrote about this a few weeks ago when we launched the, well, idea. £600,000 raised and matched from a community car park on Priory Road near Liverpool FC’s stadium, to be reinvested straight back into good ideas for North Liverpool. Ideas that have to work as being socially good, as well as being good and sustainable enterprises.So this is just a short reminder via the Beautiful Ideas Co to add your idea to the many already sent in before it’s too late.

First a short film tour of North Liverpool. Starring Homebaked and their pies and with me talking:

“Don’t forget to get your expressions of interest in to us on or before the 11th of January. If you haven’t looked at the form already, you can download it here.

We’re looking for some great collaborations – some of you have already mentioned teaming up with others, either to collaborate or share ideas, so let us know what you’re looking for and what you need, and we’ll see where we can help.

And if you need some meeting space, or want to come and talk anything through, we’ll be at the Lodge in Stanley Park (it’s at 1a Anfield road) from 10am to 6pm Wednesday – December 16. You can pop over and see us to talk through ideas, email us here, or find out anything else you need to know on our website… Oh, and don’t forget to tweet us, with the hashtag #mybeautifulidea.

So, come and talk if you want, tomorrow 16th December. And then get your idea in by 11th January.

Thanks to Allan Melia for the beautiful film.

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  1. This is such a wonderful initiative and long over due for North Liverpool. I grew up, lived and worked in the North of the City and witnessed it starved of resources at the expense of the South End. It lacked the ‘political’ clout to attract and sustain funding.I lobbied hard both locally and nationally in the ’80 & ’90’s to attract investment into the the locale and it is wonderful to see it happening and that local people have ownership of it.

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