On An Ordinary Day

DSC04118On an ordinary day
On my way to vote,
In my ordinary place
On my way to vote,
Through ordinary streets
On my way to vote,
With trees at the end
On my way to vote,


DSC04077DSC04078DSC04079DSC04080 Crossing ordinary roads
On my way to vote,
Into ordinary parks
On my way to vote,
Full of ordinary mysteries
On my way to vote,
Under ordinary skies
On my way to vote,
With an ordinary Cathedral
On the near horizon,
And ordinary shadows
On the ground around me,

DSC04081DSC04082DSC04083DSC04085DSC04086 Logs and ordinary daisies
About me as I walk,
And an ordinary poppy
On my way to vote,
The ordinary wildflowers
Reach up quietly to the sun,
By us ordinary people
In our ordinary lives,
On an ordinary day
On my way to vote,

DSC04090DSC04091DSC04092DSC04093DSC04094DSC04096DSC04097DSC04100DSC04101 Through an ordinary graveyard
On this ordinary day,
For Private H. Whittaker
On my way to vote,
For peace in Europe
On my way to vote,
For each and all the children
On my way to vote,

DSC04102DSC04103DSC04104DSC04106DSC04109DSC04110DSC04111DSC04112DSC04113 In an ordinary school
With ordinary bikes,
On an ordinary day
In my ordinary place.DSC04114DSC04115DSC04116

And yet…

Not ordinary at all
On my way to vote,
Not ordinary at all
In my European City,
In my Liverpool for us all,
One extraordinary day.DSC04117

DSC04120For Grace and Jo. Around me as I wrote this down on a Wednesday morning in Liverpool, one extraordinary day, after I’d voted.

Please do vote yourself if you haven’t yet. And let us all accept the democratic outcome, whatever that turns out to be, in peace and togetherness.

Published by Ronnie

Writing about life, Liverpool and anything else that interests me. As well as working with others to make the world a fairer and kinder place: http://asenseofplace.com.

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  1. Europe is no less ordinary if you live in Berlin, or Vienna, or Lvov, or Cluj-Napoca. We insist on thinking it is. I hope that after today, we can begin to work to make Europe ordinary everywhere, for everyone.

    1. Thank Yo Robert. We have high hopes, my hopes are forever high. Looking forward to the whole abomination of the campaigns being over. Then taking our place as a full-hearted member of a collectively more enthusiastic continent.

  2. This is profound in every way. May peace reign. On an extraordinary day. On a note of grace. On a whiff of wildflower fragrance. In a burst of colour.

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