Coming Home: We’re on our way home

DSC04373Since I announced our ideas about Coming Home on here three months ago there has been gratifyingly huge interest in what we’re about to do. And I can now announce that we’re ready to start work, having had confirmation that we’ve now got the loan finance we need.  £30,000 worth of investment in us from The Beautiful Ideas Co to add to some private investment we’ve already had.

Our advisory team will be meeting in North Liverpool tomorrow to discuss the details of us starting work but, roughly, we’ll be setting things up during August, then finding our first home owners, empty properties and potential residents and, ideally, starting works on site during the autumn.

So the real adventure begins now.  All as described in the first Coming Home blog post, with the addition that we’ve now come up with the idea of finding potential residents for the homes we’ll work on before we start the work. So we’ll be able to involve them in the co-creation of ideas about their new home, together with the owners, the builders and ourselves. Treating the creation of each home as a carefully considered piece of art work. Then when the new residents move in they’ll truly feel they are coming home.DSC04381

We’ll be starting work in North Liverpool first as that’s where This Beautiful Ideas project has been about. Using the land in Priory Road where Anfield Comprehensive School used to stand as a community car park on match days, they managed to raise £600,000 which is now being invested in enterprise ideas for North Liverpool, enterprises like Coming Home.

I’ll tell you more over the coming weeks as we move from proposal to reality, and I’ll also tell you more about the other enterprises The Beautiful Ideas Co are investing in. But for now I just wanted to let you know that, here at Coming Home Liverpool, we’re on our way home. And that feels so great.

More about The Beautiful Ideas Co on their website here.

4 thoughts on “Coming Home: We’re on our way home

  1. lindsay53

    It will be a great success, Ronnie, as you are all dedicated, committed and visionary people. A great, great project that will be a fantastic example for others to follow. All good wishes for your success.

    1. Ronnie Hughes Post author

      Thanks Lindsay. In the detail this one’s a huge leap that will take a lot of us working together to pull off. But it’s an essentially simple enough idea. We’ve got a lot of the homes we need, they’re just empty and waiting for the work and intelligences that will fill them with lives being lived again.


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