The Peaceful Warrior

'Peaceful |Warrior' by Jayne Lawless.
‘Peaceful Warrior’ by Jayne Lawless.

Announcing only the third ever showing of ‘Without These Walls’ the Jayne Lawless and Janet Brandon film, taking place at Red Brick Vintage at 6:00 in the evening on Thursday September 8th. It’s no ordinary film and it’ll be no ordinary event.

Red Brick

At Red Brick Vintage – Stanhope Street, Liverpool, L8 5RE, Thursday 8th September.

Here’s Jayne:

Jayne Lawless

“Hello all. The next screening of Without These Walls, will be at this, an event we built to house the film in a ‘safe place’.

After the last screening and discussion at The Hesletine Institute I felt really drained. We walked over to the Caledonia pub and although the issues the film brings up carried on, they were slowly swallowed up by the music coming from a cajun band that had literally just set up right beside us.

I realised then that with the dark thoughts there must be light.

At the same time I was reading a book called Peaceful Warrior lent to me by a friend, a passing remark with a fellow organiser of this event using the same phrase led to ‘Peaceful Warrior’ – a night to share our stuff in a safe space, some hard stuff maybe to make you think, but also stuff to make you dance.

With sourdough pizza via The Wild Loaf for your tea then top vegan cake from The Old Hardware Shop for afters or later.

If you’d like to come follow the link here…

Thanks to all the Peaceful Warriors for being involved.

The Peaceful Warriors are: Jayne Lawless, Jessica Doyle, Thomas Butcher, Ronnie Hughes, Jennifer Graham, Catherine Dalton, Deborah Morgan, Amy Marr, Rosanna Marr, Katumba”


So come after work, from half five onwards, for your tea. And gather in the courtyard of Cain’s Brewery for some of Jessica’s ‘Wild Loaf‘ sourdough pizza. Around you will be the fabric art of Catherine Dalton and the photography of Jessica Doyle.


Then soon after six we’ll go into Red Brick Vintage for the film show.

First will be a Granby 4 Streets film me and Sarah Horton made at this time four years ago, before the houses were renovated, which has never been shown in public before. Then we’ll have ‘Without These Walls’. Both films, in their differing ways, deal with the way a misguided public policy managed to destroy whole places and communities across the north of England. Causing many thousands of people, including Jayne’s family, to lose their homes merely for the sake of reinvigorating the ‘housing market.’


Then we’ll have a discussion about both films. About Granby, where the streets are once again coming alive with the sounds of children playing. And about Jayne’s streets of Anfield and Everton, where the streets are gone, replaced by silence. While we talk ‘The Ghost Mural’ – also by Jayne and Janet will flicker quietly in the room. A silent reminder that Arts Council England’s original commission to Jayne was to paint a real mural, on a real gable end, before there were no gable ends in her neighbourhood left to paint on.

Next we’ll move on to the performance part of the evening. To what Jayne describes as ‘with the dark thoughts there must be light.’

First Liverpool author Deborah Morgan, writer of the acclaimed novel ‘Disappearing Home’ will read us, well, a surprise! Meaning I’ve no idea right now what Deborah will read us other than knowing it will be good.

Next Thomas ‘Boy’ Butcher aka butcha b of Red Brick will regale us with his unique mixture of beats, rap, poetry and humour.

butcha b

“I’m organised chaos, with hints of madness, I’m a peaceful warrior, a human being x”

Then as the crescendo of the performance part of the evening I’m thrilled to say we will have Katumba, the mighty Brazilian drum band I often go on about on here. Creators of some of my most intensely happy moments of this year. Heart lifting, shape shifting , life gifting.

Katumba at Africa Oyé 2016.
Juliana from Katumba

Then we hope you’ll stay on for a social evening in the Cain’s Courtyard. Amy and Rosanna from the ‘Old Hardware Shop’ vegan café in Woolton will have turned up with cake by then. And Jess and Tom will be on the decks for an evening of whatever sounds the late summer’s evening would seem to demand. 

Book here, you’ll be very welcome. But do book, because places are limited.

At Red Brick Vintage – Stanhope Street, Liverpool, L8 5RE, Thursday 8th September.

And Peaceful Warrior?

“We are artists, bakers, film makers, drummers, writers, thinkers, poets, and doers.
We are new ways of seeing the world and old wisdoms dreaming.
We come in peace, but not quietly.
We are what joy looks like and feels like.
We have stories to tell and carnival to make.
We are the grit of real.
The determination of like for like.
The never answered injustice of why, precisely, us and here?
We are home as a human right.
We are Peaceful Warrior.”

So now you know. See you on the 8th September?


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  1. A must see again film by Jayne my friend and her friends. Loved it the first time I seen it. A very emotional evening at the bakery in Anfield .

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