The End of The Futurist


The smell was like the whole of the 20th Century falling down. That lath and plaster smell of a hundred years of smoking and sweating and damp and steam and hot summers and frozen winters and lives being lived and died from.


And today I just happened to be passing, just happened to be on Lime Street, when this happened to The Futurist. Then a couple of hours later, when I came back the other way, The Futurist was gone.I love Liverpool deeply and support the democratic governance of our city absolutely. And realise that buildings don’t last forever.

But I will say this. There has been a certain amount of political petulance over what has been done on Lime Street this year.


But now that it has been done, can we build something beautiful?

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  1. Sorry Ronnie but the answer to your Question is an emphatic “NO”
    As a city we have a tradition of knocking down any reminder of our past – that is why London still has Roman remains and we have SFA.
    I haven’t seen the plans for developing this site but ‘something beautiful’ ain’t part of them.

  2. Sad to see the demolition of a street of many memories. Glad you Shared your photos and comments . I am sharing again on FB for others to see and hopefully follow you. Once again Many Thanks.

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