At the end of our Liverpool working day we leave our workplaces and travel through our city to meet, because we have something to do, something to say.

dsc08053 dsc08054 dsc08055Through our city of immigrants, our city of arrivals. We are all of us arrivals here.

Happy New Year.
Happy New Year.

Through our mixture of cultures and places. Through the richness of our wondrous place.

dsc08058 dsc08059 dsc08060 dsc08061 dsc08062 dsc08063 dsc08064 dsc08065

To the centre of our thoughts tonight. Our deep offence at the actions of the Racist Trump, his racist ban on our Muslim sisters and brothers, and the obsequious crawling to Trump and his fascist gang by Appeaser Theresa and our grovelling government.

Be back here soon.
Be back here soon.
Tea first at splendid Lovelock's.
Tea first at splendid Lovelock’s.
And to meet my family.
And to meet my family.
Now we are here.
Now we are here.

And what has been done is not in our name.

dsc08077 dsc08078 dsc08080 dsc08089

There are many speakers, much passion and great love and support. None greater than for the young Muslim speakers. Some recent arrivals, some scouse, all welcome.


And I am so proud to stand here in my Liverpool, with my family and say over and over and over again:

“Not in our name, not in our name, Not in our name.”

dsc08093 dsc08095

Liverpool stands up and says no. No to Trump and his Muslim Ban.
Liverpool stands up and says no. No to Trump and his Muslim Ban.

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