This has been a really good week for us at Coming Home Liverpool. We’ve met a lot of interesting people in our search for empty homes to work on, work is going well at the home in City Road Walton where we’re on site and, well, we’re enjoying ourselves getting our new idea going.

And a particular thing we’re both enjoying is working with our friend, Liverpool street photographer Jane MacNeil. We’ve commissioned Jane to spend some days with us and see what she gets. None of us know precisely what we’ll do with Jane’s photographs, but we will do something creative over time, so I don’t want to use up too many of them on here.

Jayne Lawless by Jane MacNeil.
Jayne Lawless by Jane MacNeil.

Jayne being interviewed here by Ben from Big Issue North for a feature coming soon in the magazine.

Me and Ben by Jane MacNeil.
Me and Ben by Jane MacNeil.

So it’s great having Jane quietly shadow what we do some days. And to see from her photographs how happy we are doing this quite difficult thing, getting all of Liverpool’s empty homes lived in again.

There's nothing I'd rather be doing.
There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.

“Do what you love” I’m always saying to people. “It’s what you’ll be best at.”

It really matters and it’s good to have it so clearly reflected back to us in Jane’s photographs. Thank you Jane.

All photographs ©JaneMacNeil

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