Coming Home: At Home

Listen to this blog post on BBC Radio Merseyside here.

Home, the place where you can grow up happily, knowing it’s always going to be your home. Welcome home this little one from us at Coming Home Liverpool.No apologies at all for not having written much on here lately, Jayne Lawless and I have been busy. As the two partners in Coming Home Liverpool we’ve been busy creating our first home for a family in North Liverpool. And now it’s done and they’re all moved in. On a fair rent and a permanent tenancy.Yesterday there was a celebration at the house. A celebration you can listen to from the links at the top and the foot of this post. Where the owner of the house and her family met the new family who have just moved in, and both were interviewed by Claire Hamilton from the BBC.As you’ll hear, neither Jayne nor I spoke in the interviews, we didn’t need to. When you listen to the radio link you’ll hear the story of the house eloquently told by the people to whom it matters most.

We’ll have more to tell you too, about this home and the others we’ll now go on to help create. Particularly through the photographs our friend and photographer Jane MacNeil is taking to document this first year of Coming Home.But for now finishing with this beautiful photo the little one’s mum took after we’d all gone yesterday:

Welcome home from Coming Home Liverpool.

All other photos by Jane MacNeil.

You can listen to the story of what we’ve all done here from the Tony Snell programme on BBC Radio Merseyside. 

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    1. Thank you Helen. When a builder finishes work on a house we traditionally call that the handover. But in this case this was the real handover, from one family to the next. Done with great dignity by both and formally conducted by the BBC with some ceremony. Very apt and an honour to be there as a witness.

  1. Tremendous! If you did nothing else, this makes a great difference … but hopefully, its just a start of much more. Congratulations to you, Jayne and all concerned.

  2. Hi Ronnie
    Great to read of more success. Here in Birkenhead we are progressing a community led housing project with support from Locality/nationwide
    Would be great if you were willing to chat with our steering group and give us some pointers
    Drop me an email if poss.

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