Beautiful Ideas in Birkenhead

Beginning this Sunday, 23rd April, a week of events to get you thinking and get you started on that new enterprise idea you know you’ve got. Including coming for walks with me to talk things through and see some places where you might get going.
Over the week from Sunday 23rd April I’ll be part of this with my friends from The Beautiful Ideas Co who have this to say about it all:

“We’re working with Wirral to reignite its long history of ideas and innovation in this spring’s inaugural Festival of Beautiful Ideas.
We’re looking for potential viable ideas that can have an impact on making Birkenhead and Woodside a great place to live and work.
And not only are we looking for ideas, but we’re looking for people who’re willing to offer opportunities and challenges to be met by our entrepreneurs – or can support them in any way.

Focusing inspiration and energy on Birkenhead and Woodside, the week-long festival sees a series of events and ‘hack days’, taking place around the area. They’re an opportunity for people to talk about ideas, share opportunities and get inspired.
Each event taps into the opportunities highlighted for Festival of Beautiful Ideas, including music and events; food and drink; making and manufacturing and places and spaces, to show people with bright ideas some of Wirral’s unique – and under-utilised – spaces. It’s about cultural potential; reclaiming Wirral’s industrial heritage; pop-ups and meanwhile spaces.

We’re looking for people who’re passionate and enthusiastic; people who want to change perceptions, make a difference and try something new.”

There are various events you can come to. The ones I’m running are ‘A Sense of Place’ guided walks around the area. Here’s how the organisers are describing them:

“A Sense of Place: Join us on a guided walk around central Birkenhead and the docks area, to look at and generate possibilities about where you might want to set up and run your Beautiful Idea. The walk will be led by Ronnie Hughes, whose Coming Home enterprise is itself a Beautiful Idea, and who has been helping to set up and run social enterprises for over 20 years. As we walk you’ll be able to talk through and maybe refine your idea with Ronnie and the other people on the walk.”

These are not local history walks, it’s not tourism either. They’re for you if you’ve got an idea for a new enterprise in the area, or if you’d like help with generating or developing your enterprise idea.

Details of all of the events in the week and how you can book yourself on them are at this link. The Walks I’m doing are on Sunday 23rd April at 1pm and Tuesday 25th at 4:30pm. Each will last around an hour and a half.

So, more about the Festival here.
And a full list of the events and booking links here. 

See you there?

Thanks to Kirsten Little, of Make Liverpool and herself a Birkenhead resident, for helping me with planning the walks.

Details of all of the events in the week and how you can book yourself on them are at this link. The Walks I’m doing are this Sunday 23rd April at 1pm (beginning at Hamilton Square) and then Tuesday 25th at 4:30pm (Beginning at Pacific Road). Each will last around an hour and a half.

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  1. A new twist on the Jane Jacobs principle for the Liverpool City Region eh?
    Good luck with this version of ‘Ron’s Walks’

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