Photographs by Jane MacNeil

I’ve spent much of this last week walking round Birkenhead with my friend the photographer Jane MacNeil. Our walks have been part of the Wirral Ideas Festival, part of helping local people create and develop ideas for new enterprises in Birkenhead. The Festival finishes this evening, Thursday, with an Expo of all the ideas and what’s happened at the various events over the week. After which you’ll no doubt hear more from organisers The Beautiful Ideas Co and then the ideas themselves as they develop.

But on here and for now I just want to quietly celebrate Jane MacNeil’s beautiful photos, along with celebrating Birkenhead itself. A beautiful place with so much potential. Let’s walk.

All photos ©Jane MacNeil.

Big thanks to The Beautiful Ideas Co, Wirral Borough Council, Wirral Chamber of Commerce, Wordscapes and everyone who came on the enterprise walks. It’s been a great week, now let’s get on with the Ideas and the future.

All the Beautiful Ideas for Wirral are now on display until Friday 5th May at Pacific Road.

Here are just a few.

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      1. Always good to hear from you. It would not be difficult (except for politics) to return The Overhead. Plenty of used coaches available. Digging out the debris at Dingle may be tricky!

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