“For the many, not the few” – Vote Labour

American Talk Show host Jimmy Dore talks up the Labour Party Manifesto.

Jimmy Dore, US Talk Show host.

So here’s the thing. Jayne Lawless and I are talking politics during a brief gap in talking about Coming Home Liverpool, which we run together. And Jayne is enthusing about something by someone called Jimmy Dore that’s been doing the rounds on Facebook. But which she can’t send to me because of my outright refusal to have anything to do with Facebook.

“You’ve got to see it Ronnie, you’ve absolutely got to see it. Go home, find it on your computer, find it anywhere and watch it!”

So I do and it’s brilliant. A point by point discussion on the brilliance and straightforwardness of the UK Labour Party’s Manifesto. An unexpected delight, coming as it does from the United States, but a delight nonetheless.

Except its 21 minutes long.

“It would make a great Labour Party political broadcast if it could be edited down to much, much shorter” I tell Jayne.

“So ask him. Ask Jimmy if he minds you doing an edit?”

So I find him on Twitter, ask him, and he says yes.So here it is. Brutally edited from 21 minutes down to 3. So more of a trailer than a summary. But thank you Jimmy Dore. For your open handed generosity, and for your help in winning this election for the many, not the few.

And if you’ve got the time for the full 21 minutes version, well here’s that too.

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  1. Excellent Ronnie and Jayne , as a Labour Party member the Labour Party Manifesto is a step in the right direction Abolish tuition Fees Re Nationalise Railways and Post Office Repeal the Vicious Anti trade union Legislation on NHS and social care and Disabilities look after the 99% not the Rich . Reinstate and build Council Housing remove the pernicious right to Buy and provide homes for all end Homelessness who would vote for the Tories. Keep up the good work. Laurence xx

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