Summertime in Anfield: with Ninjas

A perfect warm and sunny day in July for a day out in Anfield. A place where we’ll be spending a lot of our time soon as me and Jayne Lawless of Coming Home Liverpool go on site with our next 18 houses. Today though is a day of rest, much talk and some play.

Into Stanley Park.
A wedding about to take place. Perfect day for it.

Through the archways.
To the Stanley Park Summer Fete.
Where there are very small people or very big chairs?

My small people, though not that small, are here too. My three grandchildren.

And Finn.

Unlike me they’re here to work. More later.

Lots of friends here too. Homebaked of course.
With pies.
Filling up now.
Here’s Dan from Peloton.

Looking for his Dad and a friend. Who unaccountably turn out to be looking for the Fete over the road in Anfield Cemetery!

Busy and noisy here now. Everyone having a great time.
Though just across the way it’s quiet and peaceful.
Clare, my daughter and husband Simon.

Who run a social enterprise together called FoundationMA, martial arts for children and adults. Today they’re running their popular Little Ninjas.

Co-led by Finn of course.
Doing the session to attract in others.

It’s worked!

Be back in a bit to see how things are going.

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday Ellie!
All’s going well and stylishly over at the wedding.

And I run into some more friends, Maxine and Ann Marie from Rotunda.

Who have news.

They’ve saved their lovely Folly, by buying the land it’s on. And have also successfully got funding from Power to Change to make it into a tiered garden and open air performance area. All good except a local councillor is strangely opposing their plans, whilst at the same time supporting a property developer who wants to put up yet more student housing right next to the lovely folly.

A campaign is planned. Expect to hear things a week on Tuesday!

Back at Little Ninjas there is much activity.

We’ll leave them there, having fun in the sunshine.
Time for me to head over to Homebaked to see my friend Cally.
And to wish Jimmy Lawless a happy birthday too!

A perfect day in Anfield, full of friends and sunshine.

Be back soon. On site in 18 houses here.
Can’t wait.

And do get in touch with Clare and Simon at FoundationMA if you’re interested in Little Ninjas or their other martial arts work. I’m biased of course, but they really are good!

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