Streets Apart: Talking Social Housing

Early in May this year writer and journalist Lynsey Hanley, together with a producer from BBC Radio 4 came and interviewed me for a series of programmes they were planning about the history of social housing. I was glad to do this as Liverpool had a significant role in the early development of council housing.

Then a few weeks after our recording the Grenfell Tower Fire happened and in its still unfolding aftermath it seems more necessary than ever to look back at the history and development of social housing.

Lynsey’s programmes about this are being broadcast over the next week or so, here at this link on BBC Radio 4. The first programme is specifically about Grenfell, then the second goes back to the early days of social housing in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Which is where Liverpool and I turn up:

See all Lynsey’s remaining Streets Apart programmes here.

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  1. Accidentally caught this today – had to sit in the car in the street listening to it as that’s where I was! Great stuff, thanks. Good to hear about Liverpool’s early pioneering. Now more than ever…
    (btw I went to the immense nature reserve that is the Wigan Flashes on Sunday – nice bit of the Leeds Liverpool runs through them, such a surprising treasure surrounded by communities that plainly make a lot of use of them)

    1. Glad you accidentally heard it. I’d forgotten all about it myself until Sarah, the producer, messaged me early this morning.

      And yes, like that bit of canal, where the canal, the river and the flashes – remnants of mining? – all intermingle.

      1. And though there IS a bit of the Leeds Liverpool, at least in my memory, where the canal a river and an area of lake coincide, Sarah tells me that is definitely not the Wigan Flashes. These are on the Leigh spur of the canal – along which we have not walked!

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