Love and Happiness: A moment

It’s late on a Saturday afternoon, it’s yesterday, already dark and already shading into evening, now we are in late November, when I witness this moment of the purest love and happiness.

I am walking along Smithdown Road in Liverpool, not long before I’ll be turning left up my own street, when I see them all. Five figures in an undulating line across the pavement, walking towards me. Apart from the Mum figure nearest the road they look like they’re walking in age formation, the youngest holding her hand, then in steadily increasing ages towards the eldest, no more than ten years old I’d say, walking next to the wall, nearest to the shops.

From a distance they all seem to be talking at once. But as we pass, the Mum contracting the line of them slightly to let me through on the outside, the notes of their conversation separate into this moment of the purest love and happiness:

“Mum cautions 4 small & excitable boys on Smithdown ‘Don’t waste your money!’  ‘Chips & sausages is never a waste!’ chortles the eldest, to general approval.”

Soon afterwards I turn left up the slight hill to home, smiling inside at this.

The next morning, a Sunday, I wake up early still remembering. From all of yesterday, the miles I walked, the people I passed, the snatches of conversation I half heard, the precious moment seems worth the remembering, more than worth the writing down.

The sound of love and happiness.

I did write my overheard moment on Twitter during the Saturday evening, to general approval. Then this morning decided to write it down here too. So the moment of love and happiness is remembered for a bit longer.

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  1. Pure poetry–so much in so few words. Thank you. Brings back many memories of kids when young and days when food was food and who cared what went into it.

  2. Lovely moment Ronnie. I live next to a park, and the workers nearby come out and walk around at lunchtime. I’m a listener-in too and yesterday in passing I overheard one worker say to another (I’m guessing work colleagues by their dress) “ if I have to spend another moment with her, I swear I’ll take my own life…”. I almost burst out laughing. Fortunately, they were laughing too.

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