What I’m Doing Now

Grateful for all of the contacts and attention from Aditya Chakrabortty’s piece in The Guardian recently about what we’ve all been doing in Granby these past few years, here’s what I’m doing and interested in doing now.

I’m sat writing this in a café near to where I live. It’s ‘the third cafe’ on Greenbank Road, near its corner with Smithdown Road. Newly opened by Carole Fleck, who used to run Greendays off Lark Lane, and already somewhere that makes me happy.

I’m sat here sorting out my website so it says what I want about what I’ve done recently and what I’m interested in doing next. Writing in the brightening year, with the sense of renewed energy that always brings,  about things I might do.

Things like? Well I’ll be continuing my work as a friend, facilitator and general helper with The Beautiful Ideas, Rotunda and Make Liverpool. As well as looking at some new things:

  • Like working with and for younger people. Particularly around how our country is run and how they might help it to be a better and fairer democracy for them to grow up in. I loved doing this work on housing with The Economist and their young people’s forum late last year and would love to do other things like it.
  • Mentoring young people and others to help them to do what they want, work they’d love. Work like my friends Lucy, Liam and I discuss in this podcast.
  • Speaking out loud, in public. I like it and loved doing this BBC Radio 4 programme in the summer then some talking and discussions with Folken in the autumn. More like these please?
  • Story telling of course. A friend calls this thing I like doing ‘telling the stories of people and places so you can imagine yourself into them and want to get involved.’ Big stories about things people are doing and that I’ve been involved in, like Granby 4 Streets and shorter ones about things that haven’t happened yet but could, about parks and libraries for example.
  • Organising things I feel like organising to see what happens, like The Mystery Literary Festival happening this coming September.
  • Running events and discussions with people doing good things like here at HCT Group or quieter conversations and more personal work that doesn’t make it into blog posts, but can involve going on walks together. Always a pleasure.
  • Taking objective views of places with and for the people who live and work in them, being a critical friend if you like, as I loved doing in November in Skelmersdale.
  • Then new things and places I don’t even know about yet? I’m open and curious about how we make life and our places better and fairer and want to explore how I can help. Maybe with you and what you’re up to?

So get in touch if you’re interested in any of these. In having a questioner and helper, sometimes critical but always friendly, on your way to wherever it is you might want to get? Let’s talk.

Maybe here or in a café near to where you are?

More about people and places I’ve worked with here at ‘Stories’

And huge thanks, while I’m here, for the help on the words and the website to Fiona Shaw of Wordscapes, my own critical and supportive friend.

2 Replies to “What I’m Doing Now”

  1. Well, you know I wish we lived nearer each other. I’d bring you into a project I’m doing to plan the future of the port precinct in a town in the north of Victoria, Echuca. I have two days up there this week, to listen directly to the community, as part of a wider program. I love this work too.

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