There is magic all around us. Stories waiting to be told. In every park & street the future is waiting. Listen, while I tell you a story called “The Mystery Literary Festival.”

In Liverpool there is a park called The Mystery. No map will tell you where it is but everyone knows it’s called The Mystery. And in 2018 they know it’s where the first Mystery Literary Festival happened.

Listen, I’m telling you a story, a mystery story.

The idea came from The Beautiful Parks Project in the autumn of 2017 when a woman with the grown up daughter said ‘Why is there no Mystery Literary Festival?’ And so there was. Once two passing strangers, one of whom was also me, stuck up their hands and said ‘If no one else wants to run it then we’ll do our best, having never done such a thing before. It will be a laugh and a story in itself.’ 

Listen, I’m telling you a story, a mystery story.

So it was announced, and here I am announcing it, that The Mystery Literary Festival would be for everyone who likes a story. And that would be more or less everyone, right? The stories might be fantasies, mysteries, who done whats and as imaginative as you’d love. They might be poems, plays, drawings, paintings and what’s its you made up yourself. Written down or told out loud, and even dancing might take place when it all happens.

All around The Mystery. Schools, church halls, pubs, clubs and even human beings can get out the writings and stories we all do and say:

‘Look, listen, I did this. And we are all The Mystery Literary Festival, making things up because we can!’

Like I’m making this up now. Like it’s a story, which it is.

Right then? And stepping out of the story before I lose your already wavering attention. What am I on about?

Two of us have volunteered to run, yes, The Mystery Literary Festival. In September this year, oh yes, and somewhere in or around The Mystery, in Wavertree Liverpool.

It’s an idea that came out of the gatherings we had around the city before Christmas called The Beautiful Parks Project, something looking for interesting ideas for our parks and open spaces. It was indeed not our idea but we do think it’s a good one and, me having lived by The Mystery since before you even know, I’m more than happy to be part of making the idea into this story.

So far, and it’s part of the mystery, our ideas are vague but definite. We’re thinking:

  • As simple as possible and cheap to run too;
  • Just a couple of days for this first one to get us going;
  • In the late summer or early autumn to give us time to make up stories;
  • Taking much care not to clash with anything else precious to us;
  • Maybe involving some other Beautiful Parks ideas;
  • Plus other Liverpool friends who want to join in;
  • At least some of it could happen out in The Mystery itself;
  • And some possibly in somewhere nearby;
  • With a roof. (We know where now and we’ll tell you, all in good time..)

The Mystery Literary Festival is definitely and without a shred of argument for all ages and everyone. And we’ll need a good few kinds of help and ideas organising it, some of which we don’t even know about yet. But we’re up for it.

Listen, I’m telling you a story, a mystery story.

Everything starts somewhere and everything starts small. Here we’re aiming at local, uncomplicated and simply done. Something we can look back on one day and say:

“Remember that first one that was dead short and dead simple and a breeze to run? We loved that.”

Thank you for listening to my story.

The Mystery Literary Festival is an idea that’s emerged from The Beautiful Parks Project, an initiative from Liverpool City Council and The Beautiful Ideas Co. There will be more.

The Mystery Literary Festival,
A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

Published by Ronnie

Writing about life, Liverpool and anything else that interests me. As well as working with others to make the world a fairer and kinder place:

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  1. I truly love this idea Ronnie. Funny, two people were talking to me about the Mystery two weeks ago at our Jelly in Crosby.
    So I suppose you’ll need magical literary mystery tours?
    An idea is developing…

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