Though I’ve published thousands of photographs on this blog over the past six years I’ve never done anything so formal as to go on a course about photography. Until today. This being the first course I’ve been on in years. And these photographs being the result.

The course was called “Street Photography” and was run by my friend Jane MacNeil and fellow street photographer Matt Hart. Good it was too, even if I spent most of the day well out of the comfort zone of my usual ways of taking photographs. The point of what a group of nine of us spent the day doing was to photograph life out around the streets of town, meaning people, in as natural a way as we could, without particularly interfering in what was going on.

I found this hard and I’ve deleted many more photographs than I’ve published here. But then it was a course and I’d gone on it deliberately to learn from people who are much better at people photography, on the streets, than I suspect I’ll ever be.

So here are the best of my photographs from my Street Photography day. By no means perfect, I’ve been out learning. But carrying a definite sense of place and very much a portrait of one sunny Saturday in March 2018, in Liverpool city centre, my home.

Thanks to Jane and Matt for the generous teaching, and of course to everyone in the photos. Here we are, in our place.

That one of the queue for the Vegan Fair is on my way to Central Library to meet everyone else for the course. After which I started to learn. Though I  didn’t really get into my rhythm for a good while. Anyway, enough talking. Let’s walk.

Thanks again Jane and Matt. The mistakes are all mine and it was a great day’s learning.

Jane MacNeil has been my friend for a long time. She’s worked alongside me in my work with Coming Home and The Beautiful Ideas Co and I love both her work and the way she does it. So here I want to particularly draw your attention to her blog at Streets of Liverpool. A recent photograph in Great Orford Street on St Patrick’s day that you’ll see there, for example, is a particular inspiration.

You can get in touch with Jane MacNeil and take her on for work here.

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  1. I like the inclusion of people. It does intensify the sense of place. We’re you worried about being intrusive?

    1. I was Sally and during the day it took some getting used to, photographing people without being invasive. And I’m not sure I’m quite there yet. I took another hundred or so photographs that I haven’t used here, because it was a course and I was trying out new things, or because I felt I was intruding when I got them home and looked through them. But I do think these thirty or so really do help portray a sense of Liverpool yesterday and I’m grateful to Jane and Matt for letting me in on what they both do so much better.

      1. I endorse your approach of not being invasive in your photography of folk going about their daily lives. I find the critically acclaimed and much-vaunted ‘people photography’ of Martin Parr sneery and staged.

      2. Thanks Nick, I think it’s all about good manners. All public photography is likely to involve people unless we work purely on landscapes, because people bring places to life by the ways we use them. So I particularly admire and am learning from the gentle way my friend and colleague Jane MacNeil manages this in such a dignified way.

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