Almost time for the ‘One Day: Photographing Liverpool’ course Jane MacNeil and I are running on Wednesday this week.

So on a  sunny Saturday morning it’s time for us both to get together in town and make our final preparations.

All bookings in advance, here through Eventbrite.
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I get on a 75 bus on Smithdown Road, while Jane travels in from Walton.

Getting off the bus at the Bombed Out Church the streets are quiet. It’s been Light Night the night before and not many people are around yet.

Walking down Bold Street I remember I’d noticed earlier on their Instagram that Bold Street Coffee are coming back and re-opening. Which I’m glad about as Bold Street hasn’t seemed quite itself without them.

But looking through their window I can see no sign of them yet. So I walk on.

I’ve arranged to meet Jane at The Egg in Newington, but as I’m a few minutes early I stop at the Oxfam on the corner to check the records, like I always do these days. You never know.

Finding nothing for me today, I drop off some books I’ve brought for them before leaving and walking along to The Egg.

We both love The Egg and sit over by the windows with our drinks to talk.

About Wednesday of course, this day we’re running on stories and photography. Going through the order of things, which we’ve already tried out a couple of weeks back anyway, we add in our further thoughts and new ideas, and ‘maybe this time maybe next time’ we find we’re already talking of running another one some time.

We like doing this. This making it up, this something new.

And I tell Jane I’ve been taking photos on the way here that might do for another blog post, to put out in the morning for any more bookings. The story of doing this getting ready maybe?

All bookings in advance, here through Eventbrite.

We get so engrossed in this idea and some others we have, that all through lunch we forget to take any more photos while we’re in The Egg. But remember as we walk back past The Oxfam to Bold Street.

Well we’re ready now. All plans made, the few things left to do all agreed. Oh but maybe just one more photograph for our idea about a story of today?

‘That’s better’ says Jane ‘Your head’s on top of the dress now’

All ready then, we part and walk off for our separate buses home.

Back along Smithdown for me, on an 86 this time. And past Naked Lunch, where we’ll be running our day, just before I get off. This’ll be good.

The End

‘One Day: Photographing Liverpool’
A one day course with Jane MacNeil and Ronnie Hughes. About telling stories, in words and pictures, with your phone.

Taking place this Wednesday, 23rd May, here in Liverpool.
More about the day here.

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  1. Your picture of the books you dropped off at Oxfam made me chuckle. You did know that Antonia (A.S.) Byatt and Margaret Drabble are sisters? And can’t stand each other, which is why Antonia writes under her married name. Which isn’t really her name any more, as she’s no longer married to her husand, I.C.R. (Ian) Byatt, who I used to work for back inthe early days of water regulation…

    1. Well spotted Robert! I didn’t know all the details, never mind have any connections to an ex-husband. But I did remember they don’t get on. Anyway, I really like Margaret Drabble.

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