Kitty’s Launderette’s Kickstarter campaign has now passed £8,500 worth of pledges from over 150 people. Really good going as we all get behind seeing it all the way to its target of £14,000.

Less than £5,500 now needed to reach the target. So if you haven’t pledged yet…?

A few weeks ago I started telling you the story of a new idea, the story of Kitty’s Launderette. An affordable and ecological laundrette in the community of Anfield and Everton. A warm and welcoming place for arts, social activities and doing the washing.

Help Kickstart Kitty’s Launderette. Kitty’s Kickstarter open for pledges here.

Well now a new chapter in the story of Kitty’s is well underway and your help is needed.

A building has been found and bought for the launderette, and in a great place too. Just off Oakfield and Thirlmere Roads, if you know where I’m talking about. Local people came for a visit and a good look round a few weeks ago and it’s all looking good for making the empty ex-builder’s yard look like this:

Which is where we all come in.

It’s going to cost £14,000 to turn this into that. And £5,000 of this has now been pledged. Meaning another £9,000 is now needed from all of us who can help?

All of us who could help turn the dream of Kitty’s into a reality we can come and sit in, talk in and of course get our washing and ironing  done. (The idea of an Ironing Club to take the boredom out of that is, apparently, one of the most popular of the social suggestions the team are getting.)

Help Kickstart Kitty’s Launderette. Kitty’s Kickstarter open for pledges here.

There’s much more talk of the hows and whys and rewards you can claim for your pledge over at the Kickstarter link there. But I’m adding my own voice to all the Kitty’s team to encourage you to join in and make this place all it could be.

The way it works is that as many people as possible pledge whatever donations we can. Small amounts or large amounts, all pledges count. And if enough of us pledge and it all adds up to £14,000, then Kitty’s get the money.

If it doesn’t all add up to £14,000 the Kitty’s get nothing and you won’t be charged for your pledge.

But also Kitty’s would then have to find another way to get the building done up. So let’s all get this sorted?

The ideas are gathered, the community’s gathering, there’s local and political support and by September/October the place could be open. If we all help. So go and pledge what you can now? Go on…

Help Kickstart Kitty’s Launderette. Kitty’s Kickstarter now open for pledges here.

Kitty’s is down the road from Liverpool FC, down the road from Homebaked and soon it could look like this. Just imagine?

And just give, whatever you can.

It’s needed, it’s wanted, and as you can probably tell I think it’s a brilliant idea.

And if you want any more convincing to join in? Well there’s this brilliant short film.

Much more information over at the Kitty’s Kickstarter page .

And finally, background about Kitty Wilkinson, Kitty’s inspiration and how it all got going here.

Pledge for Kitty’s now
For Anfield, For Everton, For Liverpool

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