I’m thinking a lot about time at the moment. How we made it up, how it works, how we see it in what people once did and in what we’re doing next.

Much more talk of time and places coming as my university work, reading and thinking at Sociology Liverpool gets going from now on.

Meanwhile I think of time as I’m walking around. The joy and the beauty of here and now. My feet on the ground of Liverpool as I walk. Like the early morning, earlier this week, as I walked from town to the North Docks, recognising the beauty of the place – hardly for the first time – and how happy I am to be here. In my time and in my place. Here in these few photographs of a sunny July morning, walking from the Town Hall and out through the business district to the Dock Road.


Biennial Art on Exchange Flags by Holly Hendry, Bite Club superfoods delivered, by bike, by friends from Peloton Liverpool – such a good idea this bike-ification of everything.

Then the financial canyons of officialdom parting to lead down to the river.

Atlantic gateways opening and letting in to new uses now but still beautiful, still gateways.

Ventilating the ‘new’ tunnel from 1972, offices and self-storage on the docks, opposite land left over for poppies.

Left over for me. Walking past on my way to somewhere this beautiful summer morning. I’m involved in something that’s part of building the new economy round here. An economy that doesn’t involve any public transport to here, yet. But even when it does come I think I’ll still mostly walk. For the love of the walking.

Nearly there now.

Walking past the Invisible Wind Factory and into Make Liverpool. Which is where I’m going. To talk Make Liverpool things, new economy things, making up the future.

And afterwards?

Walking back the other way. Walking through time. In this beautiful place, on this beautiful day.

I love this place.

Published by Ronnie

Writing about life, Liverpool and anything else that interests me. As well as working with others to make the world a fairer and kinder place: http://asenseofplace.com.

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