In Granby Street by now
The gazebos will be rising
Like smiles to meet the day

I’m up and out early looking forward to a day to myself, a day with no appointments of any kind to do exactly and only what I feel like. Mostly walking and reading then, but also calling in on my friends at the Street Market.

The market’s already getting busy, just after 10. Theresa and Joe, the organisers, still helping late stall-comers set up. Tables being carried, produce being laid out, coffee brewing.

‘I’ve got me cake,
They’re all friendly like’

Asia who works at Squash is here, selling her bread. Opposite Homebaked. Luca and Mark, bakers both, are laughing with her. Friends, all ready for the day.

I come and sit on the wall in Ducie Street with my coffee. Glad to be close, glad to be quiet. Perfectly at home here in one of the centres of my world. I write this then read for a while.

I talk briefly with a few friends who also read these things I write, hello you. And one of them shows me the gardening she’s doing in the alleyway behind her house. Elizabeth gardens where ever she is, like an instinct to make anywhere more welcoming, more alive.

In fact for one day every month you can sit on a stripey bench here and think “Yes, this, here, now” and all is well. Living, thinking, looking.

We often think that none of the Granby story over these past few years would have happened without this Street Market.

I’m here early this month, just setting off on a day’s walking. A day to myself. Hence not many people on my photographs. But the market’s getting good and full as I leave.

Of the people, by the people, for the people

Today, Sunday, you can come on a walk with me if you like? Walking and talking round what I call the ‘Breathing Spaces’ in the city centre. Two ’til four pm, starting from Ed’s Place in the old George Henry Lee /Rapid Hardware building? You can book here, it’s free, for the love of this place, this home.

A day to myself, later on.

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