Still lots of Ed’s Place things going on at the moment. General Information and bookings here.

Including another of these ‘Breathing Spaces’ walks this coming Sunday 23rd. Book here.

Looking back at the first of three ‘Breathing Spaces’ walks then, another coming up this Sunday.

I love doing this. A two hour walk around the centre of Liverpool talking about breathing spaces and how they are essential for making our city centre work for more than just shopping. Those places, sometimes public squares and sometimes just places in between others, where we can sit a while, breathe, reflect, watch people go by, check our phones, talk to friends or maybe even eat the lunch we’ve brought with us. And all for free.

The places where we can be citizens of our place, quietly, sociably and for the love of being here. They’re precious places and most of the ones we have here could be better, for all kinds of reasons.

I’m not going to write all the possible reasons down here though. Because this walk was only the first of two I’m doing, and I’ll be interested to hear what you think too, if you’d like to come on the second one? That’ll be on Thursday 13th September, also from Ed’s Place.

Anyway, during this first one on Sunday just gone fifteen of us talked… architecture, how places get designed, how streets and spaces work, collective responsibilities, having our own ideas, how we run our city centre, what could work better here, what we might learn from elsewhere and how much we love the place anyway. All that sort of thing.

And when it was over I could have started it all again. So I will.

Book here if you’d like to come walking? Sunday 23 September at 11am.

Straight after that there’ll be what’s called a rolling debate in Ed’s Place, one where everyone gets a go on the panel, talking about all that kind of stuff I’ve just mentioned. So you could book in for that too?

Ed’s Place info and bookings here.

In fact there are loads of things going on at Ed’s Place this month. Different walking tours and even a running one, discussion groups, designing, reading and creative family sessions. Time just enjoying the place, this is happening in the old George Henry Lee’s department store after all?

And in the true spirit of George Henry Lee’s there’ll even be Afternoon Tea this coming Saturday 15th. Who wouldn’t love that? Dancing afterwards too, apparently.

So do come and see us while all this is on? Ed’s Place itself being, for these next few weeks, one of our best breathing spaces.

And see you on the 23rd for another Breathing Spaces walk? More talking about ‘What would you do?

Here’s how the first one looked. Photos by Helen Kilbride and some of the other people who came. Thank you all.

The people of Liverpool, making up our own ideas for our own shared neighbourhood. See you at Ed’s Place soon? You’ll be very welcome.

Ed’s Place info and bookings here.

More on Breathing Spaces from  a couple of years back here.

Book here if you’d like to come walking? Sunday 23 September at 11am.

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