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Much more information, including the programme for the weekend, here at The Mystery Literary Festival.

Once upon a time, when none of the things I’m about to tell you had even been dreamed of, a small boy in Liverpool swapped his treasured Beatles ‘Twist and Shout’ EP for an old book a friend at school was offering me. The book was called ‘Tales of Mystery and Imagination’ and as time was to prove, this was one of the starts of something that quite a lot of people are about to be involved in…

Tickets are free, and can be booked through the Eventbrite page.

First there are the facts

On 22 and 23 September, this weekend in fact, the first Mystery Literary Festival will take place in Wavertree’s Holy Trinity Church. The two-day event will celebrate mystery literature from across the spectrum and will bring families and the local community together in a celebration of mysterious books, film, music, performance, and more.


Then there is a story

It all began one day last autumn when a group of people, including my friend Lucy and I, were gathered in a church hall in Wavertree talking about ideas for things we might do in and around the local park, known to all of us as The Mystery (for reasons that are a whole other story).

“Well,” said one of the group, “The Mystery? It sounds like it could be a literary festival. One all about mystery stories, doesn’t it?” And so, an idea was born, and its story is about to come true.

In between its birth and its realisation, as is the way with most ideas, a good deal has happened around who’s involved and what the festival might look like? But it’s still about mystery stories and it’s happening right next to The Mystery itself, very soon. And that’s good, I’d say, as someone who lives nearby.

Twenty-seven years, in fact, I’ve lived here now. Two roads away from the rolling, big sky, field that is The Mystery. One of Liverpool’s bigger parks, though you’d never know it, as it keeps itself pretty much to itself. But I’ve walked and run here with friends and babies through long ago Liverpool Festivals and football games, in snow and sunshine and still here wildflower days, and I love the place like it’s home. Because it is.


So, I’m so pleased Lucy and the team she’s brought together have got this happening now, this Mystery Literary Festival. More than happy, too, to have been a supporting member of the team. In our early gatherings about possible places, swapping books and stories between us, and getting help with our idea from The Beautiful Ideas Co. A lot of encouragement from them, and a little money too when it was really needed, like they’ve done now with so many other Liverpool ideas. Thank you. (Thanks also to Liverpool City Council and North West Housing Services for help too.)

We thought we’d ask if we might run the Festival in Holy Trinity, the lovely Georgian church overlooking The Mystery…


Read the rest of the story here on the Festival website…

And finally the details

Cofounder Lucy Chesters says:

“This is our first Mystery Literary Festival, and we’re really excited to have so many great Liverpool organisations on board. The weekend will be a celebration of mystery literature in all its forms, so expect readings, workshops, music, exhibitions, film and more, spread across the two days.


“I’m very pleased to announce that Frank Cottrell-Boyce will be joining us on from 1:30pm on Saturday 22 September, for a very special reading of his children’s book, The Unforgotten Coat. Tickets are free and can be booked through our Eventbrite page.

“The Mystery Literary Festival has been born out of a desire to get more people visiting their local parks. In our case it’s the Wavertree Playground, or the ‘Mystery’ as it’s known. Our festival is as much educational as it is fun and will feature an eclectic mix of multimedia elements that visitors can interact with throughout the festival.”

The timings for the festival are as follows:

Saturday 22 September
10:00 – 18:00

Sunday 23 September
12:00 – 18:00

Tickets are free, and can be booked through the Eventbrite page.

Much more information, including the programme for the weekend, here at The Mystery Literary Festival.

It’s nearly time.

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