This was one of my favourite kind of days, the variety kind. A good amount of walking, sunny but not too hot, chance meetings with friends, time alone in quiet corners, Liverpool looking mostly gorgeous, some sorting stuff with other friends, before two events to top off the day.

This was my yesterday. Mostly in photos, with the occasional explanation.

Squash in Windsor Street is open again on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, so I walked to breakfast there, met a friend (hello Gillian) and then walked down the sunny morning hill past the cathedral to town.

I was vaguely checking out places for a ‘Breathing Spaces’ walk later in the day. Only vaguely though. It was the second of these walks so I had a reasonable idea where we’d go. I was mainly looking up and around for details, feelings and beauty. As usual.

Slater Street and Jackson’s Art Supplies. Established 1866 and a proper gem. You can go in there, as I have, and say ‘Oil painting. What would you need?’ And they’ll tell you and show you. A personal starter kit they’ll ask you how you’re getting on with next time you’re in. Lovely people.

Al fresco dining.

Getting properly into gear for the Breathing Spaces walk. Empty treasures, links to nowhere, wasted space and a quiet sit in the Bluecoat Garden.

Ed’s Place at George Henry Lee next. The surreal pleasure of sitting in the shop window with Jo and Sam organising stuff for the Rotating Debate later.

Then the actual Breathing Spaces walk, with 10 people this time. Appreciating what we’ve got, thinking how the places could work better. And everyone thinking it would be good to have some open access inside ones as permanent features of our city neighbourhood.

Back in Ed’s Place everyone was gathering for an idea. A Rotating Debate?

Tired of static patriarchal panel events and wanting to involve more people than usual, and some who’d never been on panels before, we’d organised a panel of 32 people answering random questions, picked live out of a box, from everyone in the room.

We covered loads of stuff around life in the city centre, planning, design, possibilities, play, places and people. (And what I’d do if I were Mayor for a year!) Filling the room with ideas. And people said they liked it, mostly. Saying it was good to listen, good to hear lots of voices and good to have a place like this to talk. Jo from PlacedEd ran it all, with Sam from Planning & Civic Design at the University controlling times.

And it would be great to do it again. Great to have a place like this for longer that the few weeks we’ve got it.

It was my favourite kind of day. Thanks Emma from Leeds for the picture.

Still lots of Ed’s Place things going on. General Information and bookings here.

And book for Afternoon Tea tomorrow, Saturday 15 September here

And while you’re there? Support Ed’s Place’s running costs by buying some of their merchandise? T-shirts, tote bags, all kinds available in store!

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  1. Hi Ronnie
    Couldn’t agree more – a really good day! Ed’s Place…to be continued? Let’s hope so. Certainly, it would seem, if the wonderfully diverse group of people who contributed to the debate have anything to do with it!

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