This first day of  December, one day in three places, began wet but not quite raining as I left the house to go to Granby. After many years as one of my main working places Granby is now purely social for me, though no less loved. On the first Saturday of most months I go to the Street Market there to see my friends. Never knowing at any monthly market which friends I’ll find, but expecting a good few.

Yesterday a good few friends turned up, including me, and we talked in gathering and fluid groups of twos and threes, as we tend to do. About the things we do, the ideas being worked on and other people we suggest get talked to and might help things work better. Always this, the helping of things to work better. For people and their places and ideas. This too, without fail, this ‘Anyway, how are you?’ Asked quietly and the answers carefully listened to, between friends. Some of us on the stalls as the Market flows around us. All of us naturally here, for all this time.

Often reciting to myself as I walk into one more Street Market:

‘You wouldn’t not. Would you?’

As the year calms down towards its end and naturally thinking of its best things, one of mine is the Squash café on Windsor Street. To sit in, drink coffee, say some hellos and read in. Either side of eating food so carefully grown and made. The specialness of the place, an adventure in its very creating.

This week’s reading in there was Margaret Drabble’s ‘The Seven Sisters.’ Keeping me good company and coming towards its end, too soon, like the pale December daylight fading through the windows.

Later on it would have been easier to stay at home than set off with Sarah through the heavily raining evening to get on the bus to town. But this evening is special as we have tickets to see Jane Siberry.

She’s singing in a perfect room and filling it with, her words these, her ‘love and intensity.’ With her humour too, and her songs of life and death and her dog, and her grace and her beautiful singing. Which is not like anyone else’s beautiful singing. From not like anyone else’s life. She is the full Jane Siberry and we are very happy to be there.

Afterwards we talk with her for a few minutes about the adventures we’re all on. The songwriter, the funeral celebrant and me. About the attention adventures take. The love and intensity.

It was a love and intensity kind of day.

Thanks to our friend Jane MacNeil for telling us about the Jane Siberry concert. We’d never have noticed it without you Jane.

Jane Siberry was on at 81 Renshaw Street in Liverpool. A perfect room for singers and listeners.

Granby Street Market will be back on the first Saturday in February 2019.

Granby Workshop is always open for orders.

And Squash on Windsor Street is open each week from Thursday to Saturday.

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