Saturday, early afternoon.
Tired is tired. Tired is a Saturday morning when my alarm wasn’t set and I didn’t wake up until it was nearly Saturday afternoon. Woken only by Sarah opening the curtains and saying ‘It won’t be long until the light starts to go.’ I must have been tired.

So, food for the weekend bought and the washing hung up, I’m taking the rest of the day off. To sit here with a couple of friends, talking and thinking. Not that they’re actually here, but they’ve been kind enough to write their thoughts down for when I needed them in a journal they’ve published called ‘Spring.’

Like many a good idea I’d doubted the purpose of this one when I first heard about it.

‘A journal for life, work and wellbeing? Who’s that for then?’ I remember thinking.

Well it’s for me, for one, as it’s turned out. Sat here at home in warmth and peace on a stormy Saturday afternoon, when it’s really not all that long since I got up. Taking some time to reflect on life, work and all that. Like we all need to sometimes.

I’ve had their ‘Spring’ journal for a couple of weeks now. Sat on a shelf next to me as I’ve reached past it for mostly university stuff.

Mutely asking ‘Any chance?’ from time to time.

Well the time is now, so I’m off for a sit and a think with ‘Spring’ and with my friends who’ve written it. And I may be some time.

Then later on I might be back here with some more thoughts, like with a proper journal entry in a proper journal, which is what ‘Spring’ is. Or I might keep my thoughts to myself.



Saturday, early evening.
Three hours later then. Still reading, still thinking, notifications off and, after this update the phone will be off too for today.

After which, all is silence.


Sunday morning now.
A blue-cold day and woken much earlier than yesterday. Some quiet time in the house before I set off walking. I’ll walk miles on a day like this, wherever my feet take me, though eventually arriving for a couple of hours with Sarah on her allotment.

I’ll take ‘Spring’ with me and sit on a wall somewhere to finish reading through it all. That’s what I decided on. Reading through all the sections and interviews first, before consciously considering things I might want to change or do. As I half expected I’ve woken up with some thoughts anyway.

It’s good this. I recommend it.

‘Spring’ is a publication from Ethos Magazine, written by Andrew Beattie and Fiona Shaw. Here’s how the describe it:

‘Spring is a practical journal for life, work, and wellbeing – one step at a time. Inspiring interviews from some of the world’s most successful businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs, sit alongside a 28-day practical journal, and a range of tools, tips, and tricks to help you to build resilience, in life and work.’

 You can get your own copy from here.

And ‘Spring’ is now an event on 25th January if you fancy it? Details here.

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