It’s been a while since I mentioned Kitty’s Launderette in Liverpool on here. But because they’ve just issued their end of year Newsletter and because I think they’re a brilliant idea, I thought a general update on how things are going as they get ready to open would be a generally good idea.

Particularly for blog readers who might not have seen the Newsletter.

In short then, all the money and support needed to set up the business and get the building ready is in, and planning approval has now been granted. So early in the new year, after a more than needed Christmas break, the team will be getting on with the remaining work of turning 2018’s favourite idea into Kitty’s Launderette.

Over to the Kitty’s team then, then for the direct word.


‘It’s been an exhilarating and challenging year for us all at Kitty’s Launderette. 
We started 2018 with our idea for a functional launderette where people could use affordable washing and drying facilities as well as have access to a community arts space. 

‘In April we secured our premises, so we were able to introduce our plans to the wider public at our springtime get-together.’

‘A month later on 24th May we launched our Kickstarter campaign and after a long 30 days and with so many lovely people pledging their support we raised over £20,000! The support, energy (and cash!) raised has carried us through the year, and reaffirmed our belief in what we are going to build.’

‘Following our Kickstarter we have continued to develop and shape our plans with lots of new input from many generous, creative and thoughtful people in the city and beyond.

In the last days of August we were awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant, which will enable us to tell the story of Liverpool’s forgotten wash-houses and the people that used them. We spent early Autumn taking on our Lead Researcher and in the New Year they’ll start our exciting new project.’

‘We have also secured additional funding (more on that in the New Year) enabling us to expand our business plan to include an Eco-alternative to dry cleaning and to purchase our washing machine set-up.’

‘Since buying our building in April we have been working hard to get planning permission from Liverpool City Council (a bigger than expected job) and in June we began working with LJ Architects Ltd who have gone above and beyond to support our project.

And we’re delighted to announce that earlier this month Liverpool City Council granted us our Planning Permission, enabling our amazing lead builders Ehsan and Fred and our other wonderful professionals and volunteers to really crack on with the renovations to get our launderette open in early 2019.’

‘Like all big projects, we have experienced a number of delays and unexpected challenges, however we have used this extra time before opening to continue to build stronger and stronger foundations by growing our team, deepening our research and visiting similar organisations across the UK.’

We’re really excited to be so close to opening and can’t wait to get going in 2019… after a bit of rest over the Christmas holidays. So until then, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!’


All of that is brilliant news then. I’m so pleased to pass it on and to have been able to help here and there along the way with things I’ve written. Which I’ll continue to do as the brilliant idea turns into reality.

Kitty’s Launderette, yes x

More on the background and inspirations behind Kitty’s Launderette here.

And the full Kitty’s Launderette Newsletter, with all their own photographs, is here.

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