Here’s a story then, a podcast this one. A story of community led change at Granby 4 Streets.

A story of many years. Told by Joe Farrag, Eleanor Lee, Hazel Tilley, Nasra Hill, Tracey Gore, Rose Seagrief, Steve Hoey, Andrea Ku, Vicky Evans-Hubbard… and me.

“We didn’t ask permission for any of it!”

“It was half market, half street party”

“Before that it was like we’d lived underground, we hadn’t got together for years…”

“Now everyone says to me ‘How lucky you are to live here!’ when they see my address”

Granby 4 Streets.

It’s an adventure, and it continues. This is our story, one of clouds and silver linings.

On iTunes at this link – ‘Housing Crisis Solutions.’

Put together by Fieldwork for Power to Change‘s ‘The Community Business Fix’ series of podcasts

And much more about Granby 4 Streets here.

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