Announcing a new community enterprise for Everton and Anfield. And wondering whether you might like to Adopt a Hop?

For a good while now Everton and Anfield have been fertile ground for new and enterprising ideas. Good things done by and for the people of the place. Everyone’s heard of Homebaked these last few years and I’m regularly talking on here about progress at Kitty’s Launderette. So here’s another idea. Quietly growing itself for some time and now ready to fully emerge as the winter turns to springtime. Homegrown Collective it is.

A community led enterprise that’s about growing and brewing. Which we’ll come back to once I’ve told you what the growing and brewing are for. Because as well as the obvious feeding and sustaining, the growing and brewing are about growing the skills and possibilities of the place and its people. Learning and sharing the arts and the science of horticulture and brewing, all together, and growing the Collective into a productive and sustaining new enterprise for the people to work in, learn in and then trade from.

All of which is another contribution to the people of Liverpool growing a working economy and a future for ourselves. A community led future where we own and control our own destinies. Something we’re getting increasingly good at.

Homegrown Collective is being imagined and guided through these early days by local residents Sam Jones and Patricia Levey-Bennett, friends of mine both these women, and long-skilled in having opinions that have an effect and creating ideas that get done. Like this one.

So this will be good.

As you can see from the pictures, a lot of people have already been working with Sam and Pat. Making a garden along the street from Homebaked and beginning the learning and combining that’s turned into Homegrown. And will soon turn into what Homegrown grows, recycles and makes.

As well as skilled and involved people there’ll be all manner of vegetables, herbs and micro-greens, grown in the ground and by hydroponics. Test growing of some already happening, including in some borrowed space around Stanley Park. For which thank you very much.

There’ll also be hops grown (and we’ll come back to them), to be combined with grain and whatever-works recycled-foodstuffs to be brewed up and turned into beer. Yes beer. Turning Sam,  Patricia and the collective community into brewers. Who are currently visiting other female brewsters and community brewers picking up knowledge, skills and, of course sample brews for their future. For beer from Everton. Beer from Anfield. Beer from here.

So where will it happen and when will it all be? Now, round here and soon is the answer.

A programme of events you can come to is getting put together now. About growing things, making things, learning and imagining. And you’ll be able to find out about them on here or any of these Homegrown social places you might like to follow:

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

And the hops? I said we’d come back to the hops. Maybe you’d like to adopt one? Adopt a Hop?

Because the plan is that the hops for the Homegrown brewery will be planted, cared for and cultivated, maybe by you, in all sorts of plots and pots of land all over Everton and Anfield (Some  are already being nurtured in a local allotment). For local beer from the earth we live on, grown together by the community of our place.

So maybe you’d like to adopt a hop yourself? Become a living, growing contributor to Homegrown Collective? Would you? If you think you might like to, then get in touch? Here or at any of the social media links listed above and at the end of this blog post.

Brewing has always happened round here, by the way. Done by local women and men. Such as John Houlding for example, heard of him? A brewer who lived in Anfield Road, ran a brewery which was at the top of Breck Road opposite the water tower, and ran his own pub on Oakfield Road. That pub being The Sandon, still here today. Where he was part of inventing both Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs.

Good ideas, you see, come from round here. Ideas like Homegrown Collective.

Which, as ever, I’ll tell you more about as it happens. Some support and investment has already been gathered from the People’s Health Trust, Power to Change and Marks & Spencer, and more will be raised along the way. But now, as the springtime gathers, it’s time to start working the land and growing the idea. 

Homegrown Collective then. Growing the future of Everton and Anfield by joining in with our own history. A history where we grew and produced much more of our own food and beer than we mostly do today. A future, already underway, where we’ll do so again.

Homegrown Collective has begun.

Don’t forget to follow Homegrown Collective at any of these links to keep in touch:
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

One or two of the above photographs are, of course, dreams. But over time, and with your help, maybe they won’t be?

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