Introducing Foundation School of Martial Arts

Can martial arts be used to help build stronger communities, more resilient families and healthier, more confident individuals? Well yes, say Foundation School of Martial Arts, and with considerable experience and justification. Over the past several years they’ve worked with over 1,400 young people, and lots of older ones too on doing just that.

I know all this because Foundation have just launched their new website, for which this is a none too subtle plug.

I also know it because they’re family. So over these past few years I’ve watched with considerable pride and much love as they’ve gone out and done what they said they wanted to. Which was to build an ethics-led enterprise, out of what they loved working on, with each other.

And it’s a brilliant idea, or rather a brilliant collection of ideas. All around martial arts and so around what you’d think that would be about, things like exercise, strength, grace and health. But also, so much more. The ‘so much more’ being all over their website, so there’s no need for me to go through it all on here, is there?

Well ok then, some highlights.

Something that matters a lot to Foundation is about their students and indeed all of us learning to develop more resilience and confidence in ourselves, even guiding us into what we can all learn from losing. This from my daughter Clare, writing one of the articles on their site:

“Learning how to lose in the safe and supported environment of the martial arts dojo sets students up for a lifetime of resilience. We, as fallible humans, continue to lose in one way or another as we pick our way through the ups and downs of life. To be in possession of a skillset that means we can experience a challenge or disappointment and deal with it constructively rather than falling apart will greatly improve our ability to cope and ultimately our mental health.

The more your child can experience losing, with your support to give them positive strategies to fall back on, the more losing stops being a negative experience. And the less worried they are about losing the more they might find themselves experiencing ‘wins’, successes and the absolute joy of taking part in an activity purely for the love of doing it. “

And yes, a lot of what Foundation School of Martial Arts do is for and with children and young people. Starting as young as 2-4 year olds in their Little Ninjas classes, and rising through Kids and Juniors all the way to the rest of us, assuming most of the readers of this blog are the adults in the room.

So that we can all do the martial arts too and get fitter, healthier, and maybe even good at it, in ways and an atmosphere that will support us and treat us as gently and respectfully as we’d all want our children or grandchildren to be supported. Because Foundation know how to do that.

In regular classes all week at several locations around Liverpool, at Holiday Camps in half-terms and during the summer, also at special events you can book on or even bring into your own place, your own school or organisation. All described in all the detail anyone could want. And you can book in too.

The new website being a thing of beauty in itself. Elegantly explaining something which is not that simple to explain at all. But a mix of arts, culture, exercise, directions, descriptions, good sense – and ideas that might help you change you life while you’re at it – with a booking system. Did I mention bookings? Or even become a Member, once you’re sure.

So this is their enterprise. This daughter of mine, Clare with her husband Simon and their friend James. Together with the help and assistance of lots of other friends and, of course, their enthusiastic children. This is what doing good and making a living and a difference at the same time looks like. And I think they’re great.

But I would, wouldn’t I?

So go and have a look at their website for yourself. See what they have to say for themselves. Study the joy and determination on the faces in the photographs, the lovely things people have said in their testimonials – and have a think?

About yourself, the children in your life, where you work? Could you bring in some Foundation to your lives and places? Some learning, growing and downright happiness from martial arts done differently?

It’s worth a look – and a think I’d say.

Foundation School of Martial Arts, a very good thing.

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