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It’s called all sorts of things on maps and in official documents and council papers. But everyone for miles around the actual place calls it ‘The Ralla.’ The expanse of land over that long railway wall where Commercial, Stanley and Melrose Roads meet in Kirkdale. An expanse of nature.

There are railways over that wall, the Northern Line dividing on its ways to Southport, Ormskirk and Kirkby. But much of the land isn’t railway, it’s green space that local people would like to get hold of and use for a community garden.

Plans and even announcements keep being made for the abandoned land by others, but for years nothing has actually happened. Except for the local community forming their own Community Interest Company ‘The Ralla Ecological Garden’ to gather members and energy behind the idea that this could be a garden for the people in an area that’s otherwise short of green space.

It’s an obviously good and much needed idea and I’ll be writing more about it one day. But for now here are some links to where you can find out more about it and get in touch with the local people behind the turning of an abandoned wilderness into something beautiful:
And more

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