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You’ve heard a good deal about Placed on here before. Working together at Ed’s Place last September, then the architecture, planning and design events they’ve run now for so many young people. And also how they’ve turned consultation into a good and creative thing throughout the North West, by turning up in people’s own neighbourhoods in Ed, their Campervan!

They’re a generally good thing then, forever coming out with new ideas.

Like this latest one: Placed Academy.

In Placed’s own words, this will be:

“A brand new programme designed to inspire the next generation of place makers from the North West, about the built environment. 

 The programme will recruit young people from groups who are under-represented in built environment professions, to challenge misconceptions & remove barriers by offering free places on this supportive programme.

Placed Academy will begin in the summer and run initially until May 2020 for the first cohort, then potentially beyond then, developing young peoples’ skills, helping them grow in confidence & so open-up career paths for them in designing the future of all of our places. That sounds both good and needed doesn’t it?

To develop this emerging talent Placed are looking for more people and organisations interested in joining their sponsor network:

“We’d like to talk to people interested in becoming part of supporting the next generation of industry professionals, changing lives and improving young people’s career prospects.

So we’re inviting practices & organisations to sponsor a place for a young person on the course for just £125 per quarter – something like the equivalent of a morning coffee? 

A few words from PLACED Director, Jo Harrop:

I’ve worked on various things with Jo and the Placed team for a long time now, and I think this is a brilliant idea.

So find out how you could help support it all, here:

Then soon, if you’re a young person, I’ll be telling you how you can get on the Placed Academy programme. Or stay in touch yourself by following them at their links?


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